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Sharp Vision AS341 – BSNL Voice VoIP Config.

VoIP Configuration for BSNL Landline

Setting up Sharp Vision AS341 – Voice is as simple as configuring it for PPPoE users. We will read, step by step configuration for AS341 VoIP configuration.

Step: 1

Logging into for the first time, using “stdONU101” as password and use username “admin” and setup your new password by confirming it.

Step: 2


Select “new link” from drop-down.

Turn on VLAN 1830 / 1849. (Input according to landline series or server) Check Out VoIP VLAN Further

802.1p_Mark: Leave as it is

Channel Mode: IPoE

Enable NAPT: Enable

Enable QoS: Leave it as it is

Admin Status: Enable

Connection Type: VOICE (from Drop-down)

MTU: 1500

Enable IGMP-Proxy: Disable

IP Protocol: IPv4

WAN IP Settings:

Type: 🔘 DHCP ❌ Fixed IP

Leave the choices in between as they are now disabled.

Request DNS: Select “Enable

Leave the choices in between as they are now disabled.

Click “APPLY CHANGES” to save new changes.

Congratulations! You have successfully configured a new network profile for VoIP. The next steps to enable VoIP on your device are to set up server routing and account setup.

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Great part is, you can view a video tutorial for the same configuration by clicking this neYouTube Button.

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