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Customers of BSNL may now retrieve their online bill payment receipts. Customers of BSNL’s landline, broadband, and FTTH (Bharat Fiber) services can access this online service from anywhere in India.

BSNL Customers can download receipts of their paid bills online

For subscribers of landlines, broadband, and Bharat Fiber (FTTH), you may download a BSNL bill payment receipt online. Customers may easily and quickly receive receipts of their paid invoices from the BSNL Selfcare Portal after paying their telephone or broadband bills at the BSNL Cash Counter, online using the BSNL Online Payment Portal, or in any other way.

The PSU now allows users to download any form of post-paid bill receipt through selfcare portal login, when previously consumers had to visit the relevant BSNL CSC to obtain the requisite payment receipts. You must first have an account registered in the BSNL Selfcare Portal in order to download a BSNL bill paid receipt from there. To receive your BSNL bill paid receipt after creating your account, you might need to input your assigned customer ID and billing account.

Customers of BSNL may see all previous receipts using the ‘Payment History’ option under the ‘Bill & Payments’ link in the sidebar of the BSNL Selfcare Portal. Let’s now go over the specific steps for viewing and downloading the BSNL bill payment receipt from the Selfcare Portal.

How to Print or Download a BSNL Selfcare Portal Bill Paid Receipt Online

Log in to the Selfcare website (
In My Accounts, choose the Billing Account Number (begins with 9xxxxxxxx).

How can I get a BSNL bill payment receipt without logging in?

A customer’s paid receipts may be seen, downloaded, and printed online if they have already enrolled for the BSNL selfcare site. A client must add billing accounts for previously used services (Landline, Broadband, Bharat Fiber, etc.) on the self-care portal in order to do so.

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Is it possible to get a bill payment receipt from the BSNL Selfcare Portal?

No, using a registered account on the BSNL Selfcare Portal, you may get the bill payment receipt from anywhere in the globe.

Please share this important information with your friends and family members who use BSNL Broadband or FTTH services, dear readers. To receive their receipt for a paid bill, many BSNL customers continue to go to BSNL Customer Service Centers (BSNL CSCs). Since the majority of commercial institutions and other organizations need a BSNL Bill Paid receipt for accounting purposes, this function is quite helpful to them.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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