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According to recent reports, telecom companies call on the government to guarantee the safe installation of smart grids.

Telecom operators are concerned that unlicensed airwaves and unregulated meters in smart grids can pose security threats.

Telecom providers in India have expressed concern over the use of unlicensed airwaves and unregulated meters in smart grids and have warned that these actions might pose major security risks. In a letter addressed to the telecom and electricity ministries, telcos urged the government to only authorize licensed spectrum and smart meters that meet the norms of the trustworthy source, according to a Live mint story. They claim that if smart grid systems are not tested, monitored, and controlled, they become vulnerable to hacking and operational disruptions and the objectives of the National Smart Grid Mission may be jeopardized. Hey contend that if smart grid technologies are not tested, monitored, and controlled, they will be vulnerable to hacking and other operational problems, undercutting the goals of the National Smart Grid Mission.

Security Risks and Vulnerabilities:

Telcos have stressed the danger that unlicensed airwaves and uncontrolled meters in smart grids pose to essential infrastructure. The lack of adequate security measures in RF Mesh technologies, which are employed in both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands, leaves the smart grid systems open to illegal access and control. The security standards of the equipment used by telecom companies and designated as “trusted devices” by the government, in accordance with telcos, are far higher than those of RF Mesh networks.

Importance of Licensed Spectrum and Trusted Devices:

To ease security concerns, telecom executives are pushing the use of permitted frequency bands and equipment constructed under telecom licenses for the advanced metering infrastructure in smart grids. They emphasize that telecom companies have the resources and expertise needed to install critical apps securely. By allowing the development of such apps exclusively over licensed spectrum and under telecom licenses, the government may provide the highest level of security and protect the integrity of smart grid operations.

Need for Urgent Action:

Telcos emphasize the need of coming up with a solution to protect smart grid systems and stop additional security breaches. They recommend that the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) urge the Power Ministry to use only allowed frequency bands for cutting-edge metering technologies. By following this strategy, smart grid installations would be guaranteed to adhere to stringent security standards and make advantage of the resources and experience of certified telecom companies.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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