Fastest Transatlantic Route from Manchester to New York Announced by Zayo

Zayo launches the fastest transatlantic route to North America.

The infrastructure throughout the world is more connected thanks to Zayo, which offers the fastest direct network between Manchester and New York. Thanks to this new route, which gives Zayo another transatlantic cable connection, customers traveling from Continental Europe to North America will enjoy less latency.


  • The quickest transatlantic connection between Manchester and New York has been launched by Zayo Group Holdings.
  • without the need for backhauling to the major internet centers in London and Paris, a direct undersea cable path to North America.
  • supports the UK government’s ambition for the Northern Powerhouse, a regional economy with global connections.

A new transatlantic connection between Manchester and New York has been launched, according to Zayo Group Holdings, a global provider of communications infrastructure. It provides a direct underwater cable link to North America without the need for backhauling to major internet centers in London and Paris, making it the quickest direct network path. Customers of Zayo will benefit from a decrease in transatlantic latency, an improved user experience, and improved performance.

Additional Transatlantic Cable

With this investment, Zayo will be able to link its packet IP network between North America and Continental Europe with a second transatlantic connection. Customers benefit from increased variety and resilience thanks to the new undersea cable route, which offers quick access to New York. Customers in the North of England and throughout Europe will thus benefit from quicker and more effective connections to North America.

Europe Home for Largest Internet Hubs

Launching this new transatlantic link helps the UK government achieve its vision for the Northern Powerhouse, a region with a linked economy on a global scale, as well as fulfilling the growing needs of the European communications infrastructure environment. A faster, Northern-based direct gateway for the independent internet exchanges in the North of England and Scotland will be created as a result of the investment, which will also boost resilience and dependability in the region.

Zayo Customers to have three internet routes.

A direct path to Amsterdam has been added by improving the Manchester internet gateway and utilising capacity from Zayo’s Zeus subsea cable. In addition to the three lines to London, this enables Zayo’s customers three internet routes from Manchester to the US, Dublin, and The Netherlands.

Customers in The Netherlands will see less latency because to the new Manchester transatlantic route, which will also serve as an alternate way for all packet traffic in Amsterdam.

The company has upgraded important connectivity corridors between Paris and Marseille, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, and Zeus, the most reliable and secure link between the UK and Continental Europe, according to the release. Zayo has previously made considerable investments in its European fiber infrastructure. By adding more capacity and routes later this year, Zayo intends to keep growing its presence in Europe.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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