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Upgrade your BSNL landline to FTTH to receive a special ₹600 discount!

Do you still use traditional copper lines to connect to your BSNL landline? If your answer is yes, it’s time to upgrade from your outdated BSNL landline connection to the more modern Bharat Fiber (FTTH). Due to the fact that your number has been inactive or disconnected for a while, BSNL permits you to switch from a landline to a FTTH connection using the same number.

The re-release of a promotional offer for BSNL’s present landline customers who are switching to/upgrading to Bharat Fiber (FTTH) was announced today. The promotional offer from BSNL for switching from a landline to FTTH is available now in all telecom circles for ninety days. A BSNL Landline Customer (running on copper lines) may upgrade his same landline number to FTTH (on optical Fiber cable) under this program. These customers may additionally receive a special discount of 100 per month on their cell phone bill for the first six months.

The following was stated in an official release from BSNL on the re-launch of the Special Discount Scheme for current BSNL landline customers moving or upgrading to FTTH: –

The Competent Authority has agreed to provide current landline customers who choose any BSNL Bharat Fibre Broadband package on a promotional basis for a period of 90 days with a discount of Rs. 100 per month for the first six months (if they do not already have broadband).

BSNL has additionally clarified that the sales percentage among BSNL and TIPs/Partners (in case, the relationship is provisioned via way of means of TIP/Partner) might be distributed simplest after the deduction of the discounted quantity of Rs.100/-. It means, if the relationship became supplied thru LCOs/TIPs, then the sales percentage might be given to them after the deduction of the discounted quantity of Rs 100/-. LCOs/TIPs get sales percentage at the found-out sales simplest.

The above commands have the right way to impact a promotional foundation for ninety days with impact from the sixth of October 2021. (i.e., From 06-10-2021 to 03-01-2022) throughout all of the telecom circles. BSNL company workplace has additionally directed its telecom circles to make certain compliance with all regulatory necessities which include online reporting to TRAI. Telecom circles also are directed to replace the circle internet site with this modern offer.

To recall, BSNL released this promotional unique bargain scheme manner returned in June 2021. The scheme become released for a promotional duration of ninety days which were given expired at the twelfth of September 2021. BSNL could be giving a reduction on the month-to-month bills (Rs 100/month for the primary six months) generated after finishing the migration to a Fiber connection. A consumer can avail of a complete bargain of Rs 600/- below this promotional scheme. If you’re migrating your BSNL Landline to FTTH with an FTTH plan of Rs 599/- (Fiber Basic Plus 599 Plan), then you’ll be billed simply Rs 499/- [ 599 (rent)-100(discount) = 499] + GST only.

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Dear readers, please percentage your perspectives and critiques approximately this brand-new bargain scheme introduced via way of means of BSNL for Landline to FTTH migration through remarks with us. How lots of you’ve got already migrated your BSNL Landline to Bharat Fiber (BSNL FTTH)? How lots of you’ve got migrated to different personal ISPs? Let’s talk about this.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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