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[Updated] Fixed Mobile Telephony (FMT) service and Ditto TV are two new services that BSNL is making available to its subscribers throughout all of India.

BSNL has launched Fixed Mobile Telephony (FMT) service, offering fixed telephone numbers and improved voice quality.

Lastly, BSNL has declared that their VoIP calling software, called “Fixed Mobile Telephony (FMT) service,” will be available to all of its customers.

The launch of BSNL Fixed Mobile Telephony & Ditto TV services was just announced on BSNL CMD Shri. Anupam Shrivastava’s Facebook page.

The Fixed Mobile Telephony (FMT) service from BSNL is what is it.

It uses BSNL Broadband Wi-Fi and is an app-based calling service. The option of a fixed telephone number is now available to clients for their smartphone. All existing and new broadband/Combo users across all circles have access to the service. According to the most recent information, consumers will receive a distinct phone number for this service. Customers may utilize their phone’s call history and contacts. Where there is a weak or bad cell signal, the service provides improved voice quality.

The disputed Fixed Mobile Telephony service that was introduced last year but had to be put on hold due to fierce resistance from cellular carriers is not the same as the most recent Limited Fixed Mobile Telephony (LFMT) service.

Anupam Shrivastava, Chairman and CEO of BSNL, stated: “The previous service allowed customers who were travelling in India and abroad to connect their landlines through mobile and make calls using them. However, this service is only available on the property of the residence.

The BSNL LFMT service (VoIP app) would effectively transform mobile devices into cordless phones that sync with landlines inside of the home. Customers will require a smartphone or tablet and broadband access from BSNL in order to use the service.

Customers may take advantage of BSNL’s competitive landline rates, such as free calls on Sundays and unlimited nighttime calling, using the company’s Light Fixed Mobile Telephony (LFMT) service, the company’s CMD noted.

Customers may download the app, and with BSNL Broadband Wi-Fi access, they can use their smartphone to make and receive calls. This service has absolutely nothing to do with consumer SIM cards or cell operator services. Customers will be given a different phone number to use to sign up for the restricted FMT service, which may be purchased as an add-on service. The basic landline service rate will apply to any additional fees for Limited FMT services.

What is the Ditto TV Service from BSNL?

Now, customers may use their tablet, TV, or mobile device to view live TV shows and cricket matches. Customers may choose between live TV and recently released material. Both iOS and Android devices provide the option of multiple displays. Now featuring more than 80 channels, BSNL Ditto TV. For a monthly membership fee of Rs 20 and a recharge fee of Rs 223 for Data Special Tariff Voucher, Ditto TV is available. Customers of BSNL mobile must first register before they can begin utilizing the service by downloading the Ditto TV app from the Play Store, installing it on their smartphone, and then logging in.
Additional details, such as the procedure for activating the service, a download link for the app, and the price of the Fixed Mobile

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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