According to at North, the third Icelandic data center, ICE03, is currently fully functioning.

ICE03, at North’s third data center in Iceland, has 10 MW capacity.

Nordic North announced the opening of ICE03, its third data center in Iceland, with a starting capacity of 10 MW. The construction shows North’s commitment to eco-friendly infrastructure and serves the expanding need for high-performance computing.


  • Iceland’s North ICE03 data center, which has a 10 MW capacity, is operational.
  • The facility aids in meeting the rising need for high-performance computing and cost-effective sustainable infrastructure.
  • The ICE03 facility ensures enhanced security and disaster recovery capabilities while allowing for potential additions of up to 50 MW in the future.

The third data center operated by North in Iceland, ICE03, has started up for business. The plant, which was constructed in a remarkable 11 months, is presently fully operational and has a starting capacity of 10 MW, according to North. At North’s network now covers the whole region with a total of six data centers thanks to the inclusion of FIN02, a new facility currently under development in Finland. This expansion marks a significant turning point for North.

ICE03: Strategic Location and Advantages

The strategic position of ICE03 in Iceland, one of the top ten markets for the building of data centers, yields a number of advantages. According to North, Iceland is an ideal location for data centers because of its mild climate and access to a highly skilled workforce.

In addition, the hydro and geothermal energy sources available in the country are completely renewable. Iceland additionally benefits from great connectivity due to a number of undersea fiber optic links connecting it to significant areas such the UK, Ireland, North America, and mainland Scandinavia.

Expansions Possibilities and Enhanced Security

Future extensions might be adaptable with ICE03 and have a 50 MW maximum capacity. Its distinctive location, 250 kilometers north of Reykjavik, sets it far from the heavily crowded data center area of the city and enhances its security and disaster recovery capabilities. The statement claims that by varying the locations of its data centers, atNorth has demonstrated its commitment to provide its clients the best levels of data protection and business continuity.

ICE03 Location, Akureyri

Notably, Akureyri, where ICE03 is being held, is home to a technology hub that offers the area’s highly educated population exciting professional opportunities. In Akureyri, businesses may house their data in a cost-effective, ecologically favorable environment. Utilizing Iceland’s cold environment, plenty of renewable energy sources, and better connection may help businesses considerably save expenses.

Due to ICE03’s close proximity to an international airport, At North can efficiently provide high-precision services to European businesses wishing to decarbonize and relocate their IT operations.

at North

Six data centers are now operated by At North in Finland, Sweden, and Iceland. In Finland, a seventh plant is slated to open in 2024. At North is in a good position to meet the growing demand for high-performance computing solutions in the Nordic region thanks to network expansion and a focus on environmentally friendly infrastructure.

The dedication of @ North to providing state-of-the-art facilities in ideal locations, as the need for data centers rises, illustrates its dedication to promoting the digital transformation and long-term growth of Nordic businesses.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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