Telia rolls out 5G in three new cities, increasing coverage to 95% in Lithuania.

Telia Activates 5G in Three New Cities, Increasing Coverage to 95 Percent In Lithuania

Three more cities in Lithuania’s northeast now have access to the 5G network thanks to Telia, the country’s major telecom provider. 95% of the population is currently covered by Telia’s 5G network in the country. The majority of Lithuania should receive 5G by the middle of the summer, according to Telia.


  • By turning on its 5G network in Birzai, Pakruojis, and Kupiskis, Telia has reached 95% of Lithuania with its 5G coverage.
  • By the middle of the summer, Telia wants to have 5G in 99% of Lithuania.
  • Last year, Telia constructed around 1,200 5G base stations in Lithuania that utilize the 700 MHz and 3.5 GHz frequency bands.

Birzai, Pakruojis, and Kupiskis are the latest cities in Lithuania’s northeast where Telia, the biggest telecom company, has turned on its 5G network. Telia’s 5G coverage in the nation now covers 95% of the population. Telia wants to have 99.9% of Lithuania covered by the 5G Network by the middle of the summer.

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Final Stages of Telia 5G Expansion

The telecom claimed that from the start of the 5G deployment, it has worked to extend its network outside of big cities and into more rural regions. Telia activated 5G in Utena, Ignalina, Moleta, and Anyksciai, four cities in Aukstaitijos, in March of this year.

Three new Lithuanian cities get 5G activation from Telia.

One of the last phases of this expansion is being completed with the activation of 5G in Birzai, Pakruojis, and Kupiskis. The final three Lithuanian cities without 5G service are Zarasai, Visaginas, and Rokiskis, and Telia plans to activate those areas by July.

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Telia 5G Network to Reduce Technological Divide Between Regions

Telia claims that consumers will have the option to work remotely over the summer in far-flung locations or mix up their vacations to an isolated water body with movie broadcasts of the best possible visual quality. The technology gap between areas will narrow as 5G becomes more widely available.

Telia’s 5G Expansion Targets Remote Areas

In smaller towns and villages like Kupiskis, Birzai, Zagare, and Svedasii, Telia’s 5G network will enable higher-quality telemedicine services and support businesses using advanced technology.

5G Advantages: Remote Work, High-Quality Streaming, and Self-Driving Cars

People in rural locations will have new chances to work remotely or take advantage of high-quality video and movie streaming thanks to the broad availability of 5G. The development of self-driving robotic cars, which are more significant in rural regions where small businesses are closing due to population decrease, will also depend on the growth of the 5G network. Self-driving robotic cars that may deliver food or medicine from neighboring stores to elderly or disabled individuals living in rural areas require a 5G network.

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Telia’s 5G Network Speed Increases Across Lithuania

Last year, Telia constructed around 1,200 5G base stations in Lithuania that utilize the 700 MHz and 3.5 GHz frequency bands. As a consequence, according to the business, during the 2022 RRT tests conducted on roads and railroads, Telia’s mobile internet speed rose from 104.5 Mbps to 159.9 Mbps.

Telia is on pace to reach its objective of covering 99 percent of Lithuania with 5G service by the summer with the activation of 5G in Birzai, Pakruojis, and Kupiskis.

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