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The most recent telecom subscriber statistics for the month of August 2020 was made public by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

TRAI Report Card August 2020 : BSNL continues to add new mobile customers while market share of Vodafone Idea is in a decline

BSNL continues to attract new mobile users, but Vodafone Idea’s market share is declining, according to the August 2020 TRAI Report Card. According to the most recent TRAI news release, the third-largest mobile operator in the nation, Vodafone Idea (Vi), is seeing a rapid decrease in its market share as BSNL, the state-owned telecom giant, continues to gain more and more new mobile users.

According to previous TRAI telecom subscription data, Vi’s subscriber base and market share have been steadily declining since April 2019. With a market share of 33.83% in April 2019, Vodafone Idea was the top mobile provider; by August 2020, that share had dropped to 26.15%. Vodafone Idea is now third in terms of overall client base, after Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel.

Total Telephone Subscribers in India

In India, there are now 1,167.81 million telephone users, up from 1,164 million at the end of July 20. This is a monthly growth rate of 0.33%. From 86.03 at the end of July 20 to 86.23 at the end of August 20, India’s total tele-density grew. From 137.47 at the end of July 20 to 138.17 at the end of August 20, the urban tele-density grew.

Wireless Subscribers

A monthly growth rate of 0.33% was recorded in the number of total wireless subscribers (2G, 3G, and 4G), which went from 1,144,18 million at the end of July 20 to 1,147,92 million at the end of August 20. In contrast, wireless subscription in rural regions fell from 523.50 million to 522.99 million during the same time period. Wireless subscription in urban areas climbed from 620.68 million at the end of July 20 to 624.93 million at the end of August 20.

The market share of wireless customers owned by the private access service providers as of August 31, 2020, was 89.35%, while that of the two PSU access service providers, BSNL and MTNL, was just 10.65%.

TRAI Report Card August 2020 : BSNL continues to add new mobile customers while market share of Vodafone Idea is in a decline
M/s Bharti Airtel Ltd has reported the wireless subscribers including the subscribers of M/s Tata Teleservices Ltd. Virtual Network Operator (VNO) of BSNL has started reporting of its subscribers from the month of October 2018 and the same has been included in the subscriber base of BSNL.

Growth in Wireless Subscribers

All service areas showed growth except Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, U.P.
(E), and Jammu & Kashmir in their wireless subscribers during the month of
August-20. Kolkata and Himachal Pradesh service area showed maximum
growth of 1.13% in its wireless subscriber base during the month.

During the month of August-20, a
total of 7.53 million requests were
received for MNP. The cumulative MNP
requests increased from 504.57
million at the end of July-20 to 512.10 million at the end of
August-20, since the
implementation of MNP. Out of total 7.53
million new requests, 4.07 million
requests received from Zone-I and
3.46 million requests received from

Wireline subscribers increased.
from 19.82 million at the end of
July-20 to 19.89 million at the end
of August-20. Net addition in the
wireline subscriber base was 0.07.
million with a monthly growth rate
of 0.34%. The share of urban and
rural subscribers in total wireline subscribers were 89.83% and
10.17% respectively at the end of
August-20. The Overall Wireline Tele-density
increased from 1.46 at the end of
July-20 to 1.47 at the end of

Broadband (Wired + Wireless) Statistics

The number of broadband subscribers increased. from 705.40 million at the end of July-20 to 716.19 million at the end of August-20 with a monthly growth rate of 1.53%.

The top
five Wired Broadband Service
providers As on 31st August, 2020 were :-

  • BSNL (7.85 million)
  • Bharti Airtel (2.53 million)
  • Atria 14 Convergence Technologies (1.70 million)
  • Reliance Jio InfoComm Ltd (1.25 million)
  • Hathway Cable & Datacom (1.03 million)

The top
five Wireless Broadband Service
providers as on 31st August 2020 were: –

  • Reliance Jio Infocom Ltd (402.67 million)
  • Bharti Airtel (156.45 million)
  • Vodafone Idea (119.91 million)
  • BSNL (15.90 million)
  • Tikona Infinet Ltd. (0.31 million)

BSNL is the only telecom service provider in the courtly which is operating without 4G in the highly competitive Indian telecom market. The PSU is trying their level best to improve their services through various customer friendly initiatives. The Voice Call quality is the best for BSNL Mobile Network as per TRAI My Call Analytics report. However, without 4G the PSU is not in a position to cater the ever-increasing customer demand for high-speed mobile data.
Even though BSNL’s Landline customer base is eroding day by day, BSNL is able to add millions of new Bharat Fiber (FTTH) connections even during this pandemic period. BSNL’s FTTH (Bharat Fiber) customer base in increasing exponentially all over India during this pandemic period as most of the educational institutions started online classes for their students. Software / BPO companies are also following Work from Home for their employees which they considered to be the most effective in the current situation. BSNL FTTH or BSNL Fibernet connections are considered to be of the supreme quality and stability as compared to all other FTTH operators in India. Hence more and more existing FTTH customers started migrating their connection to BSNL FTTH via Local Cable Operators (LCOs/TIPs/MSOs).

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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