A reform of the corporate structure of Singapore’s Singtel has been announced with the aim of promoting national growth, productivity, and synergy.

Singtel Announces Consolidation, Forms Digital InfraCo to Drive Growth in Digital Infrastructure

Singtel has announced a restructuring of its corporate structure to combine its consumer and enterprise businesses in Singapore into a single operating company and to create a stand-alone infrastructure entity, Digital InfraCo, to take advantage of growing global opportunities for digital infrastructure in Singapore.


  • In order to encourage efficiency, development, and synergies at the national level, Singtel is reorganizing its business model.
  • The consumer and commercial divisions of Singtel will come together to establish a single operational company in Singapore.
  • Singtel will establish a separate infrastructure subsidiary called Digital InfraCo.

A reform of the corporate structure of Singapore’s Singtel has been announced with the aim of promoting national growth, productivity, and synergy. A crucial element of the plan is to combine Singapore’s corporate and consumer sectors under a single operational entity.

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Singtel established Digital InfraCo as a separate infrastructure company.

Additionally, Digital InfraCo, Singtel’s new independent infrastructure firm, will encompass the company’s submarine cable and satellite carrier businesses, regional data center operations, and Paragon, an all-in-one platform for 5G MEC and cloud orchestration.

Prior attempts at reorganizing Singtel for growth

Singtel has been restructuring and getting ready to grow the company. The firm divided its NCS ICT division into a distinct corporate organization in 2021 to speed up its expansion into the Asia-Pacific area. Since that time, NCS has grown to employ 12,000 people and now operates regionally as far away as Australia.

Singtel further decentralized its organizational structure by relocating Optus Enterprise management to Australia in July 2022, giving Optus more operational autonomy and direct accountability.

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According to Singtel, this consolidation of consumer and commercial operations in Singapore “is designed to empower core business to optimize synergies and capabilities to drive growth.” Singtel will see significant growth if Digital InfraCo is established as a separate entity, given the expanding relevance of digital infrastructure on a global scale.

Modifications to Singtel’s management committee and structure

Singtel’s management structure and committee will change as a result of these changes. Mr. Ng Tian Chong, a seasoned Hewlett Packard executive, will be in charge of the newly integrated operating organization. He will be assisted by Mr. Lim Seng Kong, managing director of the Singapore enterprise business, and Ms. Anna Yip, CEO of Singtel’s Singapore consumer division.

Ms. Yip will change her title from Deputy CEO of the combined business to CEO, Business Development. She will be in charge of overseeing Singtel’s digital finance division, accelerating the regional rollout of the GOMO brand online, and developing fresh business-to-business and business-to-user projects. Beginning on June 1, 2023, Mr. Bill Chang will hand over management of his portfolio of enterprise companies to Digital InfraCo.

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The Singtel management committee has been expanded.

Mr. Jorge Fernandes will take over as Group Chief Technology Officer of the Singtel Group in December 2022 from Mr. Mark Chong, who was promoted to the role of Deputy CEO of AIS, Singtel’s Thai regional subsidiary. At Vodafone, where he supervised technology strategy and delivery execution for Vodafone UK, Turkey, and Portugal, Mr. Fernandes spent the majority of his career. He most recently served as the CTIO for Rogers Communications in Canada.

The Singtel management committee will welcome Mr. Ng and Mr. Fernandes on June 1st, 2023. With leaders like Tian Chong and Jorge on board, we are overjoyed, said Mr. Yuen.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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