OpenSignal: Jio Users Experience the Fastest Download Speeds

Jio and Airtel offer the best quality experience for 5G services.

According to the OpenSignal survey, Jio has been named the best mobile network operator in India for quick download speeds, reliable quality, and coverage. With 5G, Airtel provides the highest-quality video streaming, gaming, and OTT voice services.


  • Jio has won both the 5G download speed and download speed experience accolades, and it provides the fastest download speeds.
  • Jio has also received recognition for its excellent consistency in quality and core consistency in quality.
  • With 5G, Airtel provides the highest-quality video streaming, gaming, and OTT voice services.

According to an OpenSignal analysis using data gathered between December 1, 2022, and February 28, 2023, Jio customers in India have the fastest internet speeds. With 22.5 Mbps and 315.3 Mbps, respectively, Jio wins both the 5G download speed award and the download speed experience award. The average overall download speeds of Jio users are 4.5 Mbps quicker than those of Airtel, which are 24.7% faster, according to the research.

Jio has the most consistent Experience.

Jio has been awarded the Excellent Consistent Quality award with a score of 63% and has also won the Core Consistent Quality award with a score of 84.3%.

Jio wins in Coverage Aspect

The article claims that Jio has won all four coverage awards. Jio subscribers spend the longest time connected to mobile broadband services, earning it both the Availability and the 5G Availability honors. On a scale of 0 to 10, Jio also received the highest marks in the areas of 4G Coverage Experience and 5G Reach, earning 9.5 and 4.2 points, respectively.

Users of Airtel enjoy the best video, gaming, and voice experiences.

Users of Airtel’s 5G services in India had the greatest experiences when streaming videos, playing multiplayer mobile games, and utilizing OTT voice services. The survey gave Airtel’s 5G Video Experience a very excellent rating for the entire video experience.

According to the OpenSignal study, Vodafone Idea is a joint winner in the categories of Upload Speed Experience and Games Experience whereas BSNL has not won in any of the metrics. According to OpenSignal, it evaluated the overall mobile network experiences of Airtel, BSNL, Jio, and VI for a period of 90 days in order to produce this report.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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