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There are new quarterly payment plans available for FTTH subscribers of BSNL.

Now BSNL FTTH Customers in all of the telecom circles can avail of Quarterly charge schemes

BSNL is introducing a new quarterly fee structure as a promotional offer for its recently launched Bharat Fiber (BSNL FTTH) services.


  • Customers of BSNL FTTH are now offered quarterly pricing alternatives by all telecom circles.
  • Customers may also benefit from a 15-day free trial of the recently announced quarterly pricing plan.
  • Customers of BSNL FTTH Fiber Basic Plus, Fiber Value, and Fiber Premium are eligible for the quarterly payment option.

Quarterly payment options have been made by BSNL, the largest landline broadband operator in India, with respect to the recently released Bharat Fiber (FTTH) broadband Internet package. As per the latest data, both new and existing Bharat Fiber (FTTH) customers of BSNL are able to choose from the newly introduced quarterly pricing packages. Under such specialized programs, a customer can benefit from free service for 15 days without any costs or rents.

Customers that take advantage of BSNL’s quarterly payment plans and discounts can choose from the Fiber Basic Plus 599, Fiber Value 799, and Fiber Premium 999 plans. A user can utilize carrier for a total of three months and fifteen days if they pay for a stronger apartment for three months. Therefore, a customer may take advantage of free service for 15 days under the BSNL FTTH Quarterly Payment Schemes.

  • In Fibre Basic Plus plan, a purchaser wishes to pay an improve price of three Months FMC (Rs. 1797 i.e., Rs. 599three). In Fiber Value Plan, a purchaser wishes to pay an improve price of three Months FMC (Rs. 2397 i.e., Rs. 799three).
  • A buyer wants to pay an enhanced price of three months’ FMC (Rs. 2997, or Rs. 999*three) for the Fiber Premium Plan.

An official statement from BSNL stated the following: – The committed quarterly payment option under certain Bharat Fibre Broadband plans would be implemented by the competent authorities in all telecom circles in the manner as follows.

All telecom circles must update their websites in accordance with the availability of BSNL’s LCO, MSO, and TIP sales percentages, which are only available upon payment of the first dedicated plan invoice.

How To Avail BSNL FTTH Quarterly Payment Offer?

Customers who want to extrude the month-to-month fee scheme to that newly introduced quarterly fee gives might also additionally put up their request to the closest BSNL Customer Service Centre / BSNL Telephone Exchange. Your plan can be modified after the submission of the request and a brand-new invoice with a quarterly fee provide can be generated the subsequent month. So, a patron desires to make the development fee on the following month only.

Fiber Value, Fiber Premium, and Fiber Basic Plus are not included in my FTTH bundle. How do I benefit from the offer of quarterly payments?

as an offering Only the Fiber Basic Plus 599, Fiber Value 799, and Fiber Premium 999 plans are qualified for the quarterly cost offer. If your BSNL FTTH plan isn’t the only one in the list above, you may still benefit from this offer by switching to any one of the other three plans that best meet your requirements and download speed. You can extrude your BSNL FTTH plan online or in person at your local BSNL Customer Service Center by submitting a plan extrusion request.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

As per latest information with immediate effect, BSNL discontinued the 100GB CUL Bharat Fibre (FTTH) Plan, which had a fixed monthly cost of Rs 499.