400G IP Transit Ports Are Launched By Lumen In The US And EMEA

Lumen Technologies has launched 400G IP transit ports in eight markets.

Lumen Technologies has enabled businesses, hyperscales, and content providers to connect at exceptionally high bandwidths with the addition of 400G IP transit ports throughout its Tier 1 internet backbone network in the US and EMEA. Lumen’s AS3356 network is the most prominent peering network globally.


  • Significant money has been invested on network infrastructure by Lumen Technologies.
  • In the US and EMEA, Lumen released 400G IP transit ports throughout their Tier 1 internet backbone network.
  • Eight markets presently provide the service, and substantial expansion is anticipated for 2023 and 2024.

According to a statement released by Lumen Technologies, a worldwide technology company that provides a wide range of communications and technology services, a 400G wavelength network will be implemented throughout Europe in March. As the need for high-speed connection grows, Lumen has been expanding its intercity dark fiber network and 400G wavelength network in the US.

First to Launch 400G IP Transit Ports

As one of the first international service providers, Lumen has now introduced 400G IP transit ports across the US and EMEA. This makes ultra-high bandwidth connections available to companies, hyperscales, and content providers, enabling them to meet the high IP transit demands of the modern internet-connected world.

According to a statement by Lumen, companies that use IP transit are seeking for efficient global internet routes connecting where data is and where it has to go. Lumen’s highly peering AS3356 network can connect internet traffic sources and destinations with the fewest number of network hops feasible. We are in a good position to offer extremely high bandwidth connections in the IP transit market by utilizing our 400G wavelengths and Lumen’s 400G transit ports.

Lumen’s AS3356 network

According to data from, Lumen’s AS3356 network is now the top peering network in the globe, with traffic growth of 38% YoY in 2021 and 16% YoY in 2022. Lumen seeks to give content providers, hyperscalers, ISPs, wholesale, and gaming organizations a more effective approach to handle the rising bandwidth demands of their clients with the introduction of the 400G IP transit ports.

Additionally, the extension might make it easier and less necessary to bundle and maintain several ports with lesser bandwidth.

Currently accessible in eight regions, the Lumen HSIP Service with 400G ports is being rapidly expanded by Lumen in at least twelve more significant areas throughout the US and EMEA in 2023, with further expansions in 2024.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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