Jio 5G Network Is Now Available In 398 More Cities.

Jio offers 5G services to eligible customers with a compatible 5G device.

Reliance Jio is the first operator in India to offer 5G services in over 3,000 cities. However, only eligible Jio customers can use the network and require a compatible 5G device. Get unlimited data with speeds up to 1Gbps with Jio’s welcome offer.


  • The 5G network from Reliance Jio is currently accessible in 3,089 Indian cities.
  • With the Jio Welcome Offer, you may get unlimited bandwidth at 1 Gbps speeds.
  • To utilize the 5G network, users will require a 5G device that is compatible with it.

The 5G network from Reliance Jio is currently accessible in 3,089 places nationwide. Reliance Jio is now the first operator in India to deliver 5G services to such a large number of cities thanks to this accomplishment. The business mentioned that more than 2,300 localities now have access to its 5G services in a recent results presentation.

Jio 5G Cities

The number of cities with a 5G network has progressively expanded as a result of the company’s long-term efforts to roll out the technology. The 5G network is operational in 3,089 cities, with an additional 398 cities having been added more recently from its most recent 2,691 cities, according to the Reliance Jio website. It should be emphasized, meanwhile, that not everyone may use the 5G Network; only qualifying Jio users can.

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Jio Welcome Offer

Customers will benefit from faster internet speeds, lower latency, and a smoother digital experience thanks to Jio’s 5G network. Users in the 5G cities will be asked to test out the Jio Welcome Offer, which offers limitless bandwidth at no additional cost at speeds of up to 1 Gbps+.

Jio 5G Compatible Device

Jio subscribers will require a 5G smartphone that is compatible with the network in order to utilize it, and certain users will be qualified for unlimited 5G data after recharging with a particular plan. Jio claims that its 5G network is already being used by millions of consumers in hundreds of cities.

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In addition to the ongoing 5G rollout, Reliance Jio recently launched Jio Plus post-paid plans, offering individual and family plans. Furthermore, the telco also launched Jio Fiber Backup plans considering the IPL cricket season, providing customers with a 10 Mbps unlimited broadband offering along with OTT streaming benefits.

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