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“Fibro BBG ULD 995 CS287,” a new 20 Mbps unlimited fiber broadband plan from BSNL, is available for at $995 per month.

BSNL launches 20Mbps unlimited fiber broadband plan for 90 days.

With effect from March 26, 2018, the national telecom backbone, BSNL, has introduced a new 20Mbps unlimited fibre broadband plan called “Fibro BBG ULD 995 CS287.”

According to the most recent information, only consumers in Ernakulum SSA of Kerala Circle will have access to the new fiber broadband (FTTH) service. The plan offers download speeds of 20 Mbps up to 200 GB and 2 Mbps beyond that. Customers have a limited time, or 90 days starting on March 26, 2018, to sign up for this new fiber broadband service.

The new “Fibro BBG ULD 995 CS287” 20Mbps unlimited fiber internet package from BSNL.

Note: Under the FTTH Broadband package mentioned above, a security deposit for a landline must be paid in accordance with current regulations. According to current guidelines, an additional facility for Sunday free calling to any network within India under the aforementioned broadband plan will also be provided. The rest of the pertinent terms and conditions will not change. Beginning on March 26, 2018, the plan will be made accessible on a promotional basis for a 90-day term in Kerala Circle’s Ernakulum SSA.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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