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Available to all new and current subscribers in all telecom circles is the Fiber Basic Plus Plan 599.

BSNL’s new FTTH plan – Fiber Basic 449 is now open to all new customers in all the circles; Launches a new 60Mbps Fiber Basic Plus Plan 599 on PAN India basis

By introducing a few new unlimited FTTH internet plans for subscribers across India, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is ready to start a fresh pricing war in the FTTH market. This time, the PSU has chosen to introduce a new unlimited FTTH plan with a download speed of 60Mbps called Fiber Basic Plus Plan 599. This plan is accessible to both new and current customers in all telecom circles.

The PSU has also chosen to change the newly introduced Bharat Fiber Basic Plan 449, which is now available to all new consumers throughout India. In the past, the PSU introduced four new Bharat Fiber Plans in only a few locations/cities: Fiber Basic 449, Fiber Value 799, Fiber Premium 999, and Fiber Ultra 1499. All new BSNL FTTH customers in all telecom circles are now able to purchase the entry-level FTTH plan, known as the Basic Plan 449.

‘Fibre Basic’ plan terms and conditions:

  • The package will only be offered on a promotional basis to new consumers of broadband.
  • The aforementioned plan will be offered until the expiration date of other promotional fiber plans launched on January 10, 2020.
  • To automatically transition customers who were acquired on the upgraded “Fibre Basic” plan and who had not chosen any standard Fibre Broadband plans at the time of CAF filling to the plan “Fibre Basic Plus” when the six-month grace period from the date of BB connection activation has expired.

Customers may also get the proper notification in advance of an automatic migration. At the time the CAF is filled out, the customer’s consent in this regard must be requested. The six-month subscription period beginning on the day that their BB connection was activated may also be extended for current customers who recently chose the aforementioned package before to the modification. Customers may also get the proper notification in advance of an automatic migration.

Customers who will be transferred from “Fiber Basic” or who will be recruited directly under this plan must remain under

plan ‘Fiber Basic Plus’s till the disconnection of Broadband.

None of the aforementioned fees include GST. The aforementioned directives will take effect in all circles (apart from A&N circle) on November 14, 2020. All clients may now choose between the BSNL FTTH plans 449 and 599 based on their preferences and needs. The recently unveiled 599 package is one of the most affordable FTTH options available from any provider. There is only one important point to make here: for the next six months, only new customers will be able to purchase the BSNL FTTH 449 package. Customers will be switched to 599 plans with 60Mbps download speed after six months.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

The FTTH 777 package with a 100Mbps download speed will now be a standard offering across all telecom circles, according to BSNL.

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