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Extend the BSNL Mithram prepaid plan’s expiration date.

Mithram Prepaid Plan popular among BSNL customers in Kerala Telecom Circle.

One of the most well-liked prepaid mobile phone plans among Kerala Telecom Circle BSNL users is the Mithram Prepaid Plan (Coupon Rs 49/-).

Due to its low pricing, availability of the friends and family function, always-full talk time for a certain top-up amount, etc., the Mithram plan is well-liked by the general population. Customers frequently ask us to extend the expiration date on their Mithram plan prepaid Mobile number. The majority of them gripe about being unable to prolong validity by topping up Rs 49 coupons.

One of the causes is the recent update of the Mithram Plus prepaid cellphone plan by BSNL Kerala Circle. The updated Mithram plan, known as the Mithram Plus plan, went live on December 18, 2019, in Kerala Circle, taking the place of the previous Mitham and Deepam prepaid cellphone plans. The Mithram Plus prepaid plan has a 90-day plan validity period starting on the day of activation. Customers who now subscribe to the Mithram Plan can switch to the Mithram Plus plan by recharging Rs. 109/-, sending an SMS to 123 (the SMS format is PLAN MITHRAMPLUS), or using the USSD short number 444109#.

What characteristics does the Mithram Plus plan offer?

Customers who switch from their current plan to Mithram and plan by topping up with Rs. 109 will receive 250 minutes per day of any network calls (local, STD, or roaming) and a total of 5GB of data for 20 days. Additionally, they will receive a 90-day SIM validity extension starting from the recharge date.

By recharging the plan voucher value of Rs 49, the majority of clients attempt to prolong the duration of their current Mithram Plans. However, this won’t work because the Mithram plan’s validity can only be extended by Top Ups of Rs 200 or more. Mithram plan includes an automatic validity extension with Top Up option built in. It indicates that a Mithram Plan customer’s plan validity would be increased by 180 days if he or she makes a top-up of Rs 200 or more. In addition to the 180-day plan validity, Mithram plan members may also receive full talk value on top-ups of Rs. 200, 500, and 1000.

How can the BSNL Mithram prepaid plan’s validity be increased?

You can prolong the validity of your mobile number in one of the following ways if you have a BSNL Mithram Plan.

  1. To switch to the Mithram Plus Plan, which includes 5GB of data and 250 minutes per day of any network calls for 20 days in addition to the 90-day plan validity, recharge Rs 109. OR
  2. Simply top off your account with Rs. 200, Rs. 500, or Rs. 1000 to receive the full talk value and to prolong the expiration date of your plan by 180 days.

Please share this information with your friends and family members who use prepaid BSNL connections so they can extend the life of their current BSNL number.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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