Exclusive: Totem Deploys Next-Generation 5G Network at Orange Velodrome

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) infrastructure designed for venues with high mobile phone usage.

villages were announced. Totem has now established a fifth generation (5G) network at the Orange Velodrome, making it the nation’s first stadium to do so. This new network will meet the high expectations established by fans, officials, and the media during significant athletic events.


  • All carriers have access to this private network of pooled antennas, enabling them to provide 5G to their end users.
  • A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) architecture is used in the new network since it was created primarily for locations where mobile phone demand is high.
  • During important sporting events, the new network will live up to the high standards set by spectators, event planners, and the media.

The Orange Velodrome in Marseille will now have access to a next-generation 5G network, making it the first stadium in France to do so, according to Totem, Orange’s European Tower Company.

5G Connectivity at Stadium

Announced. villages. Prior to important sporting events like the upcoming Olympique de Marseille (OM) games and international tournaments, the deployment aims to live up to the high connection expectations of spectators, event planners, and the media.

Distributed Antenna System Infrastructure

Announced. villages. In order to accomplish this, Totem has set up a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) infrastructure using next-generation antennas created especially for locations with significant mobile phone usage. High levels of energy efficiency are provided by this infrastructure, together with consistent, high-quality network coverage. All operators can use this network of private pooled antennas to simultaneously offer their mobile services, and it gives the Orange Velodrome teams a single, impartial point of contact.

Four French Operators have Access to Infrastructure

Totem optimizes the equipment footprint, enabling operators to offer 5G to their end customers within the Orange Velodrome.

France’s first stadium with advanced 5G connectivity

“Connecting an indoor environment to the latest generation of 5G, which can be used by almost 68,000 people at the same time, is a real technical challenge,” Totem France stated in a statement. In order to link the Orange Velodrome, Totem built the first French network of its kind that could handle the connectivity demands of the big athletic events. The Orange Velodrome will be the first stadium in France to provide such a cutting-edge 5G connection thanks to the Totem technology; this is the same technology that has been successfully utilized at significant championships in the US.

The news marks a significant turning point for Orange Velodrome since the rollout of the 5G network will increase connection and the spectator experience during sporting events.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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