Exclusive: Customers now have access to a double-speed offer from Netplus Broadband.

Netplus Broadband offers 100 Mbps, unlimited data, and unlimited calling for Rs 499.

Customers of Netplus Broadband now have access to double-speed options, with the entry-level package costing Rs 499 and giving 100 Mbps bandwidth, unlimited data, and unlimited calling. The company’s most recent product is anticipated to help grow online businesses and meet consumer needs at a lower cost than competing products.


  • Leading Indian ISP Netplus Broadband has introduced double-speed options for its clients.
  • For a monthly fee of Rs 499, the entry-level plan delivers 100 Mbps bandwidth, genuinely limitless internet, and unlimited calling.
  • Other ISPs charge Rs 499 per month for unlimited internet and unlimited telephony at a speed of 40 Mbps.

Leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) in India, particularly in the Northern area, Netplus Broadband, has announced the introduction of double-speed plans for its clients. For a monthly fee of Rs 499, the company’s entry-level internet service delivers a speed of 100 Mbps together with genuinely unlimited data and unlimited calling.

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Netplus Most Affordable Entry-level Broadband Plan

Customers can benefit from Netplus Broadband’s double-speed, genuinely limitless data offerings. Netplus Broadband’s newest service is anticipated to support online enterprises, meet the demands of individuals, and assist self-help organisations in light of the rising need for high-speed internet.

The entry-level package from Netplus Broadband is more reasonably priced than those of the competition and comes with unlimited phone and data perks. According to Netplus Broadband, other ISPs charge Rs 499 per month for internet speeds of 40 Mbps and unlimited calling.

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Netplus Broadband Double Speed Unlimited Plans

The company has double-speed unlimited plans priced at Rs 499, Rs 599, and Rs 699 as well as entertainment unlimited plans priced at Rs 999, Rs 1299, Rs 1499, and Rs 3999 in order to stay current with market trends. Free high-speed data, voice calls, and OTT services are included in these plans.

S Gurdeep Singh, Chairman of the Jujhar Group, commented on the news, saying, “The new plan is the pinnacle of our dedication to our clients and is a component of our strategy to give maximum value and happiness to them. This value proposition gives our customers 2X the speed of current market offerings.

“Before the much anticipated summer season, we have created one of the most economical and interesting programs for our beloved consumers. With this project, we wanted to offer streaming that was limitless at really affordable pricing. We are really delighted that Netplus broadband services have become one of the industries with the fastest growth in the nation.

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The new options are accessible to both current and potential subscribers of Netplus Broadband, which is offered in more than 400 cities across eight states in North India. This decision is anticipated to draw a sizable number of clients and solidify the business’ position in the broadband sector.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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