Exclusive: Eco Data Center Announces 150 MW Campus in Östersund, Sweden.

EcoDataCenter 2 will use 100% renewable electricity and waste heat to contribute to food production.

A new campus for a sustainable data center that would place an emphasis on circular thinking and promote food production has been unveiled as Eco Data Center 2. The campus will have a 150 MW capacity and will be the company’s biggest project to date. It will collaborate with others who share its goals.


  • The project is expected to be finished in its entirety by 2033, with the first phase, 20 MW, being completed by 2026.
  • Wood will be utilized to build the facility, and all of the power used will be renewable.
  • EcoDataCenter 2’s waste heat will be used to support a significant portion of the food producing industry.

On its path to a more sustainable and circular future, Eco Data Center, a green data center provider, has announced a new accomplishment. The business has launched Eco Data Center 2, a facility that will be constructed with a circular orientation to support food production. The campus is anticipated to be the company’s largest project to date and will have a 150 MW capacity.

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Eco Data Center 2

With the forthcoming EcoDataCenter 2, EcoDataCenter is preparing for its future major undertaking. The new facility, which the corporation refers to as EcoDataCenter 1’s 2.0, is going to be a brand-new industrial institution. Working in perfect harmony with WA3RM, the firm will engage with partners that share its aspirations and goals for EcoDataCenter 2.

Green Energy

Östersund will be electrified with the aid of green energy provided by Jamtkraft, which generates, sells, and distributes electric electricity. The project’s implementation is distinctive because the design was created from the beginning with a circular establishment in mind. Eco Data Center is advancing the green transition for its clients and Sweden with this action.

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The Data Center Campus

The future EcoDataCenter complex, EcoDataCenter 2, is anticipated to provide about 1,000 jobs a year and cover an establishment area of 32 acres in phase one. Like the company’s previous facilities, this one will be built out of wood and run entirely on renewable energy.

Recycling Waste

The waste heat produced by EcoDataCenter 2 will also be used to help produce a big amount of food, making it a significant investment that the company intends to build on with other expenditures in the future.

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Eco Data Center 2 Timeline

The business promises to keep customers informed of the project’s advancement. The project, which was first announced on April 20, 2023, is expected to be finished by 2026 with a 20 MW first phase and 150 MW overall by 2033. The building is being constructed to endure Osterund’s coldest day, which was recorded in 2022 at -31 degrees.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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