Exclusive: Deutsche Telekom Expands Mobile Network Coverage at 997 Locations

5G coverage reaches 95% of population, opens flagship store.

In the last six weeks, Deutsche Telekom has expanded its mobile network services with LTE and 5G Networks in 997 locations around Germany. In Hamburg, the business opened the biggest store in Europe with an emphasis on customer service and sustainability.


  • Now, more than 8,600 5G antennae use the quick 3.6 GHz band to transfer data.
  • 95 percent of people have access to 5G.
  • opens a sustainable flagship shop so that customers may explore and stay

Over the previous six weeks, German telecom company Telekom has expanded its mobile network services at 997 places nationwide using LTE and 5G networks. 173 new sites were built as part of the expansion, which is now operational with LTE and 5G frequencies based on specific coverage objectives.

Increased Capacity at Existing Locations

To further improve the functionality of its LTE and 5G network, the company has also expanded the mobile network capacity at 824 previously operational locations. Nearly 95% of homes are now covered by the approximately 8,600 5G antennas that are already using the 3.6 GHz band.

Deutsche Telekom Plans to Reach 99% 5G Coverage by 2025

Telekom Deutschland aims to boost its mobile network growth, aiming to reach 99% of users by 2025. The company provides a comprehensive and resilient network for Germany’s digital future.

Europe’s largest Telekom shop opened in Hamburg.

In other developments, Hamburg’s Spitaler Strasse 3 now houses the largest Deutsche Telekom store in Europe. The store has more than 1,000 square meters of area where clients may try things and get product recommendations. At a time when many firms are shifting towards internet platforms, the company is highlighting its focus on customer service and the human touch. Customers can explore and experience the newest technology in the store’s demo rooms, consultation spaces, and lounges.


Hamburg’s Telekom has remodelled its store with an emphasis on environmental responsibility. The interior has a lot of greenery and recycled, and sustainable materials were used for the furniture. The new furnishings came from regional producers, and the store sells refurbished cell phones in addition to recycling discarded ones.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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