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Exclusive: The first Internet telephony service in India was introduced by BSNL.

BSNL launches India’s first VoIP service without a SIM card.

The first Internet Telephony (VoIP) service in India, “WINGS,” is now available for online booking through the BSNL official website,, or

The first mobile provider in India to introduce VoIP (Voice Over IP), an app-based calling service with a variety of alluring features including video calling and call conferencing, is BSNL. The most intriguing aspect is that a SIM card is not required to utilize this service. Any smartphone, laptop, or PC with active internet access can use the service.

With the new NGN VoIP service BSNL Wings, you may use any internet connection with your mobile device or laptop to use internet telephony. Wings Fixed Mobile Telephony, an application-based telephone service offered by BSNL, enables users to make and receive VoIP calls both inside and outside of BSNL using a laptop or mobile device (i.e. FMT restricted). They can interact without a SIM card across IP networks like the Internet thanks to packet-switching technology.

BSNL Wings Tariff

Features of BSNL Wings Service

Internet telephony, which permits SIM-less calling utilizing 3G/4G/Broadband internet services or Wi-Fi, has been certified by the Department of Telecom for use in India. With this, the nation makes progress toward realizing its “Digital India” ambition. The final mile copper link in the Wings network’s access side has been replaced by Internet.

  • Customers without a SIM will be given a 10-digit wings number.
  • High mobility, meaning that it may be registered on any computer, laptop, or mobile device that the consumer chooses.
  • Calling through voice and video is available.
  • All landline services are available through free SIP VOIP soft phone programs.
  • attractive pricing that offers one year of free calling to any Indian network with no set monthly fee. Facility for both national and international roaming.
  • utilizes any operator’s 3G/4G, broadband internet, and free Wi-Fi hotspot
  • works on platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS.
  • A single device can register several wings connections utilizing various SIP Client/Calling APPs.

FAQ’s on BSNL Wings Service:

What is BSNL Wings Service?

Through the VoIP application that is loaded on a smart phone that is linked to any operator’s 3G/4G/Broadband Internet/Free Wi-Fi Hotspot, BSNL Wings Service users may place and receive voice and video calls.

What is VoIP or SIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. The packet technology used for this value-added service (VAS) has a set of open-standard protocols.

What is the difference between the already launched LFMT and the new Wings Service?

Through the APP on his smart phone, which is linked through WI-FI to his BSNL broadband modem (within WI-FI range) or through BSNL Wi-Fi hotspots, the subscriber may receive and make calls using LFMT. The route for VoIP data packets is limited to BSNL data services (broadband, ILL, etc.).
While a Wings customer may make and receive fixed line calls using the APP using any operator’s 3G/4G/Broadband/Free Wi-Fi Hotspot internet connection.

What makes it unique compared to voice calling on other SIP-based APPs?

In Sip-based APPs, the person being called must be logged in to the APP at the time of the call. Calls to any landline or mobile number are not permitted; only calls to users of the same APP are permitted.
In contrast, customers of Wings can call or receive calls from any other Wings or non-Wings number, including NGN, Mobile, ISD, NLD, and LFMT lines, whether they are owned by BSNL or not.

What is the number allotted for wings and what is the use of the virtual number allotted?

Without a SIM card, the consumer will receive a 10-digit Wings number that may be used for voice and video calls on the NGN switch.

Does it need GSM connectivity like 3G/4G?

No, a SIM card or GSM connectivity is not required to use this service. Only an active internet connection from any operator is required by the customer.

Does it work with smartphones that have SIM cards from providers other than BSNL?

Yes. Wings operates without the use of a SIM. Any smart phone with a non-BSNL SIM card may also be set up with the Wings feature.

Are there any fixed monthly charges?

There are currently no additional set monthly fees for Wings services.

What are the charges for outgoing calls?

Call charges are as follows:

  • For one year, all networks in India are free.
  • International calls are subject to current landline tariffs (based on MOUs).

What are the charges for incoming calls?

There aren’t any additional call fees for incoming calls.

What are the advantages of Wings?

  • Voice and video calling capabilities
  • Free calls for a year to any Indian network
  • a facility for national and international roaming
  • is compatible with all free SIP soft clients
  • may be used with any internet connection from an operator
  • Where cell signals are weak, such as in high-rise buildings, remote locations, or deep inside structures, the service will provide superior sound quality.
  • A Smartphone’s extensive phonebook, recording, logging, and other functions may be used to make and receive calls from landlines as well.

Will it work outside the building viz., home/office?

Yes, as long as there is a WI-FI signal or an active mobile data connection. This may happen both indoors and outside.

Does it support Windows phone?

Yes, it also supports Windows, iOS, and Android.

Can it work with a feature-phone?

No, since it is APP-based, it requires a Smartphone, in order to download the SIP soft client.

Can more than one ‘Wings’ number be registered in one Smartphone?

Yes, more than one number of connections can be registered on single device.

Can it work from any other Wi-Fi device like laptop or Phablet?

Yes, it can work from any type of smart Wi-Fi calling device like laptop, Phablet, which can download soft client.

Which SIP soft clients are available for use?

Several SIP soft clients are available for free download in the Google Play store. Several applications are suggested, including Grand Stream, Zoiper, and Lin Phone.

How to apply for Wings?

Any BSNL CSC (Customer Service Center) has a particular CAF (Customer Agreement Form) on hand. It can be completed and sent together with the necessary paperwork. To apply for Wings, you must have an email address and a phone number.

Is there any additional deposit for this?

For national calling, Wings need no extra payment. However, a deposit of Rs. 2000 is required for ISD (outside India territory calling).

Are there any free calls provided?

There is a promotional offer of one year of free calling to any Indian network.

.Is there any registration or activation charge?

Yes. One time registration charges of Rs. 1099/- are applicable.

Is a similar service to Wings provided by any other telecom service provider in India?

At current time, BSNL is the only provider of this special service.

Will the Wings service be billed separately?

No, there is now a special offer of a year’s worth of free calling to any network in India. Visit the BSNL NGN Website at for further information on tariff and billing changes.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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