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Exclusive: For visitors to India, BSNL has introduced unique prepaid cell phone plans with Unlimited Calls & Data perks.

BSNL launched Foreigner Prepaid Mobile Plans with Unlimited Calls & Data benefits.

For visitors to India, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) introduced unique prepaid cell phone plans with Unlimited Calls & Data perks. Foreign visitors to India may now obtain a new cell phone connection (BSNL Travel SIM Card) from the government telecom provider, which they can use for the duration of their visit.

The Guest Prepaid Mobile Plans from BSNL are designed specifically for international visitors to India for brief stays. The three guest plans offered by BSNL are the Guest Plan Premium, Guest Plan Normal, and Guest Data Plan. The new BSNL Prepaid SIM card with unlimited calls and internet advantages may be purchased via BSNL’s overseas SIM distributors in their home country, eliminating the requirement for foreign travelers visiting India to bring an international SIM card.

Only overseas SIM distributors chosen by BSNL in accordance with its policy on overseas SIM distribution may sell the aforementioned plans. The validity of any mobile connections provided to foreign visitors should not exceed the duration of their visas. The connection provided to troops deployed on ships while at sea will only be valid until the date of their port stay permission. Along with the SIM cards, the tourist will also receive a list of recommendations for safe SIM card usage by foreign visitors. When a tourist loses or has their SIM card stolen, it must be immediately deactivated.

Additional Amenity: All of the aforementioned international prepaid cellphone plans allow tourists to take advantage of Full Talk Value on Top Up Rs 500 as a regular offer through any method (online recharge, My BSNL App, retailer recharge).

How to get your BSNL Travel SIM Card?

Before beginning their vacation, foreigners might get in touch with your travel agent and request a BSNL Mobile connection. The travel agency staff will provide the BSNL SIM card after obtaining the relevant paperwork, including a copy of your passport and local references, among others.

Overseas SIM Distributors are where BSNL SIM Cards are sold.

Before a foreign visitor boards a flight to India, SIM cards would be distributed by BSNL in accordance with an agreement struck with businesses and travel agents. Foreign visitors to India typically use their home country SIM while there. journey or make a new connection once you arrive there. They incur significant roaming costs if they utilize their native country’s connection. On the other side, setting up a new connection when you arrive takes time, which delays activation.

To solve this problem, BSNL has hired international SIM distributors who would hand out BSNL SIM cards to travelers before they take out for India. The major benefit of purchasing a BSNL SIM through an international SIM distributor is that visitors may have their BSNL Mobile connection activated as soon as they arrive. The individual who requires a BSNL Guest Prepaid Mobile plan must present the necessary documentation at the Point of Sale, which is the Travel Agency office. Tourists may take use of the services throughout their visit at lower costs with BSNL Foreigner prepaid cell phone plans.

Why should you use BSNL Mobile service while visiting or traveling in India?

Except for Delhi and Mumbai, where it has agreements with MTNL and M/s Vodafone, BSNL today offers services across all of India at reasonable prices. Additionally, BSNL offers free nationwide roaming for visitors to use while they are in the country. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the BSNL mobile network provides the most comprehensive coverage. With clear billing, it is India’s most dependable mobile network. Additionally, BSNL is the sole supplier of telecom services in India that is entirely controlled by the Indian government.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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