Ericsson deploys Smart Connected Site technology on the network of Etisalat Egypt

Optimize diesel generator usage to improve network performance, sustainability, and energy efficiency.

In order to optimize the use of diesel generators, lower fuel costs, and carbon dioxide emissions, and provide remote monitoring capabilities that minimize site visits and transportation, Ericsson has implemented its Smart Connected Site solution on Etisalat Egypt’s network.


  • The Smart Connected Site solution from Ericsson is put into use on the network of Etisalat Egypt.
  • Utilizing diesel generators more efficiently lowers fuel costs and pollution.
  • aims to increase energy effectiveness, sustainability, and network performance.

Ericsson has successfully implemented its Smart Connected Site solution on Etisalat Egypt’s network. This implementation allows for remote management of various aspects of the site, including the collection, aggregation, and communication of radio, power, and enclosure data.

Extend Diesel Generator’s lifetime

The optimization of diesel generators to run in shorter bursts, which can save up to 40% on fuel expenditures and lower carbon dioxide emissions, is one of the main advantages of this method. Additionally, this optimization increases the lifespan of the generator and cuts down on maintenance requirements by up to 50%.

Reduce Carbon footprint.

In addition, the Smart Connected Site solution provides remote monitoring capabilities that can significantly reduce site visits, travel and transportation and ultimately reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Etisalat Egypt by e& can now enjoy effective site renovations with a lower carbon footprint and better network performance thanks to the Ericsson Smart Connected Site solution. Customers will continue to gain from the dependable and now more energy-efficient network of Etisalat Egypt.

According to the statement, Ericsson can provide operators a smart approach to manage their sites with higher efficiency thanks to the Smart Connected Site solution, providing network connectivity through energy-efficient and intelligent site solutions for long-term commercial success.

Smart Connected Site solution

Operators can have complete remote visibility of all site-related equipment and pertinent data with Ericsson’s Smart Connected Site solution. Insights and complete oversight are provided by a thorough and analytical view of the data, enabling operators to take proactive actions to reduce energy use, address issues, and improve overall network quality, ensuring effective and intelligent operations across the entire network.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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