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Online phone bill download for BSNL How can I use the BSNL Selfcare portal to download BSNL bills that are older than a year?

Download your BSNL telephone bills online || How to download BSNL bills up to 1 year old through BSNL Selfcare Portal?

Through BSNL’s self-service site, consumers may check and download their landline, broadband, or FTTH (Bharat Fiber) bills online. Customers of BSNL can access duplicate phone bills online without going to a BSNL office or Customer Service Center (BSNL CSC).

Customers can download and print up to six prior invoices from the BSNL Selfcare Portal or up to one year’s worth of telephone bills (if you have a bimonthly billing cycle). Customers of BSNL may also check and download the most recent produced telephone bill via the BSNL Online Payment Portal. This implies that the BSNL Payment Portal only allows users to view the most recent telephone bill. However, you might need to register on the BSNL Online Selfcare Portal in order to retrieve prior phone bills.

Many of our readers have asked us to explain in detail how they may access and download their previous BSNL telephone bills online (whether they have a landline, a broadband connection, a connection to Bharat Fiber, or a FTTH line). In this article, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of seeing, downloading, and printing previous BSNL telephone bills online.

How can I get my BSNL telephone bill from the internet? or How to Request a Duplicate Bill Online from BSNL?

Customers of BSNL may access their telephone bills using one of two online portals:

  • Get the most recent phone bill with the BSNL online payment portal.
  • Get the most recent and past telephone bills via the BSNL Selfcare Portal.

1) Latest Telephone Bills may be downloaded from the BSNL online payment portal.

Customers of BSNL are able to see, download, and pay their bills online by creating an account on the BSNL Payment Portal ( or Customers may enter into the BSNL Payment Portal using their social media profiles, such as their Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or LinkedIn accounts.

You only need to input your BSNL FTTH number without a 0 under the “Landline” option as seen in the above image in order to add your BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) account. For instance, if your number is 0484-2345678, you should just put 4842345678 as your phone number. By selecting the ‘Manage Accounts’ page, you may also add your post-paid accounts.

Customers may make a payment by simply clicking on the bill amount displayed under the “MY BILLS” page. They will then be routed to a variety of payment alternatives.

Customers can select the “View Bills” option to view the most recent bill that has been created. Following that, all of your postpaid accounts will be shown under the “MY BILLS” page, as illustrated in the image below.

Simply click on a number to view and download that bill. A new tab will open and provide an online preview of your most recent BSNL bill.

Simply click the “Download PDF” link located in the upper right corner of the Online Bill View page, as seen in the above image, to download the bill.

2)From the BSNL Selfcare Portal, download BSNL Telephone Bills.

Utilize your registered username and password to get into your BSNL Selfcare account. The ‘My Accounts’ page will open following a successful login. To learn more about how to register for a BSNL Selfcare Account, click here.
After logging in, choose the ‘Billing Account Number’ of the BSNL Landline, Broadband, or Bharat Fiber (FTTH) number you’ve previously connected to view use. To check the most recent bill or to download previous BSNL invoices and other billing information.

Your next page will load right away and display Options in the left-side panel.As seen in the accompanying image, select View Bills from the Bills & Payments menu in the side panel.

The client account number, billing account, and overdue balance will then appear on a new page. All prior invoices, up to a maximum of six, will be shown on this page. Each invoice has a Download option on the right side. To download and print the necessary invoice, click the ‘Download’ link. Customers can download and save these invoices in PDF format for later use.

You may get a BSNL duplicate bill for previous transactions online by following these easy steps without visiting any customer care centers. It is very easy to download BSNL duplicate invoices online.

How many of you, my readers, have had issues with the BSNL Selfcare Portal? Please let us know what you think of the BSNL Selfcare Portal in the comments below.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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