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The Special Commission Schemes offered by BSNL were extended till December 31, 2021.

BSNL extension of Special Incentive Schemes

For its franchisee network, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has announced the extension of its commission structure and special incentive schemes till December 31, 2021. According to the most recent data, the state-run PSU has decided to raise the following special commission/incentive programs for its Mobile Franchisee Network: Trade Scheme, Special OTF Commission for CBP Bill Payment, FOS Incentive Program, SIM Activation Commission, and MNP Incentive Program.

On September 30, 2021, all of the aforementioned special incentive programs for the BSNL mobile franchisee community—franchisee, direct selling agent (DSA), rural distributor (RD), and retailer—expired. To protect Channel Partners in the fiercely competitive and unstable telecom industry, as well as to maintain SIM sales, the government of BSNL has decided to extend its special fee structure and promotional incentive programs to its franchisee community for a maximum of thirty-first December 2021.

The following is a list of the several special incentive programs and commission structures that BSNL has extended to its network of mobile franchisees: .

  • FoS (Feet On the Street) Incentive Scheme
  • SIM Activation Commission
  • MNP Incentive Scheme
  • Trade Scheme and
  • Special OTF Commission for CBP Bill Payment

1 FoS (Feet on the Street) Incentive Scheme

Methods might be used to determine FoSs. Franchisee and BSNL are in conversation on how to provide BSNL products and services to the Retailer Network. Providing BSNL SIM Cards & Recharge Coupons to every outlet outside of their franchisee zone is their primary duty. A monthly FoS incentive of Rs 6000/-will be offered by BSNL based on FoS. The franchisee may immediately receive from BSNL a continuous monthly FoS incentive in the form of a C Top Up charge. A franchisee’s maximum number of FoS is around six (6).

BSNL: SIM Selling Point of Sale (PoS) Categorization for FoS Incentive
SIM SalesMinimum C Top Up SalePoS (Retailer / DSA) CategoryWeightage
100 & Above
Rs 20,000/-Diamond250%
30 to 99
Rs 10,000/-Platinum180%
10 to 29 Rs 4,000/-Gold150%
4 to 9Rs 2,500/- Silver120%
1 to 3Rs 500/- Bronze100%
1 to 3 Less than Rs 500/- Un-categorized0%
For FOS Incentive, Both Criterion to be met (SIM Sales & Recharge Sales)

Based on their monthly C Top Up sales volume, BSNL has six distinct classes for RC (Recharge Coupon) selling PoS. The FoS Incentive for Franchisee was determined by allocating 100% of its weight to the RC PoS categories, namely RC A through RC E.

RC (PoS) Categorization for FoS Incentive Scheme: BSNL
C Top Up Sale PoS CategoryWeightage
Rs 50,000/- and above RC A100%
Rs 25,000/- to Rs 49,999/-RC B100%
Rs 10,000/- to Rs 24,999/-RC C100%
Rs 2,000/- to Rs 9,999/-RC D100%
Rs 5,00/- to Rs 1,999/- RC E100%
Less than Rs 500/- Un-categorized0%

Duties and responsibilities of FoS:-

  • delivering BSNL goods, marketing materials, and SLM to merchants (PoS, or point of sale) in accordance with franchisee instructions.
  • to examine and collect the CAF (Customer Application Form) from the point of sale within the allotted time.
  • to inform PoS of BSNL pricing and goods and to get their input in a predetermined way.

2 SIM Activation Commission

The decision was made by BSNL officials to extend the Activation Commission for DKYC and Physical CAF commission of Rs 10/-per SIM activation to Channel Partners for a period ending on December 31, 2021, in an effort to maintain the motivation of the company’s franchisee network. The DKYC and Physical CAF SIM Activation Commission offered by BSNL is only valid for FRC (First Recharge Coupon) amounts above Rs 100/-.

BSNL DKYC Commission: Rs 10/- per SIM Activation

BSNL Physical CAF Commission: Rs 10/- per SIM Activation

SIM Replacement through BSNL Retailers

Reproduction SIMs (SIM alternatives) are now available to BSNL customers through Retailers. In addition, customers may visit the nearest BSNL Retailer to upgrade their existing SIM card to a 4G SIM card. If the SIM alternative is effective and is sold through the BSNL income channel—franchisees and stores—a 50 rupee charge is a smart approach to collect change from the client. The stability of the CTop Up SIM of the channel partners (i.e., franchisee/retailer) via whose SIM replacement is being done may be reduced by Rs.

Customers Will Be Charged: Rs 50 for SIM Replacement

C Top Up Amount withheld from Retailer / Franchisee Wallet: Rs.10

3 MNP Incentive Scheme

In an attempt to improve MNP performance and the number of PORT IN mobile connections, BSNL authorities decided to extend the Special MNP Incentive Scheme till December 31, 2021. BSNL POS is eligible to collect a maximum MNP incentive of Rs 115/-per PORT IN mobile connection in addition to the FRC commission.

MNP Commission Structure for BSNL Franchisee & RD
MNP Commission Amount in Rs
FRC (First Recharge Coupon) AmountFranchiseeRD
Rs 399 and aboveRs 50/-Rs 25/-
From Rs 180/- to Rs 398/Rs 40/- Rs 20/-
Below Rs 180/- Rs 20/-Rs 10/-
MNP Commission Structure for BSNL Retailers / DSAs / STD PCO
MNP Commission Amount in Rs
FRC (First Recharge Coupon) AmountRetailer / DSA / STD PCOAdditional Commission for Minimum 5 PORT INAdditional Commission for Minimum 20 PORT IN
Rs 399 and above Rs 115/-Rs 100/-Rs 200/-
From Rs 180/- to Rs 398/-Rs 100/-Rs 50/-Rs 100/-
Below Rs 180/- Rs 60/-Rs 10/-Rs 30/-

4 BSNL Trade Scheme Commission

Depending on the income extent and quantity of SIM activations, BSNL released a unique Commission Structure – Trade Scheme – for its Channel Partners. A store that is doing extra than one hundred SIM activations according to month and above Rs 20,000/- recharge income can avail extra alternate scheme incentive of Rs 40/- according to SIM activation.

Trade Scheme Commission Structure for BSNL Retailers and BSNL DSAs (Direct Selling Agents)
Monthly SIM Activations (Count)
Monthly Sale Amount (Rs)Retailer/DSA Commission per SIM
Above 100 no.sRs 20,000/-Rs 40/-
30 to 99 no.sRs 10,000/-Rs 35/-
10 to 29 no.sRs 4,000/-Rs30/-
4 to 9 no.sRs 2,500/-Rs 25/-
1 to 3 no.sRs 500/-Rs 20/-
Trade Scheme Commission amount will be credited as CTOP UP balance on next month to Retailer / DSA CTOP-UP SIM card.

BSNL has recently revised the above Trade Scheme Incentive and incorporated the minimum FRC condition to get 100% Trade Scheme Benefit. For a retailer to get 100% trade scheme benefit, he / she need to activate new BSNL prepaid mobile connections with FRC above Rs 150/-. For activations with FRC amount less than Rs 150/-, BSNL POS can avail 25% of the Trade Scheme Commission given in the above table.

Revised / Modified Trade Scheme Incentive available to BSNL’s SIM Selling Retailers / Point of Sale (PoS) which is availabl for a period up to 31st December 2021 is given below:-

Amount of FRC for SIM ActivationTrade Scheme Benefit to Channel Partners i.e., SIM Selling Retailers / DSAs / RD Retailers / Franchisee
Up to Rs 150/- 25% of Trade Scheme Benefit
Above Rs 150/-100% of Trade Scheme Benefit

Special OTF Commission for CBP Transactions (Postpaid Bill Payment)

BSNL retailers / DSAs are allowed to make post-paid invoice bills for post-paid clients which encompass Landline, Broadband, Bharat Fiber (FTTH), and Post-paid Mobile clients of BSNL. There can be a separate committed pockets account for the BSNL Franchisee community for doing post-paid invoice price transactions. Now, the BSNL government has determined to increase the unique OTF (On the Fly) fee equal to 2% of the fee situation to a restriction of Rs 10/- in line with the transaction to channel companions for CBP invoice price as much as the thirty-first of December 2021. This unique OTF fee is relevant to BSNL Retailers in addition to DSAs who’re doing CBP transactions.

BSNL CBP Commission (For Postpaid Bill Payment) : 2% of Bill Amount (Maximum of Rs 10/- per transaction)

Some of the latest Tariff Updates from BSNL are listed below for your quick reference: –

  • BSNL free installation charge offer available till 13th November 2022
  • BSNL FTTH customers can avail 90% Discount in monthly rent!
  • BSNL FREEDOM 75 Offer : Get Unlimited FTTH Broadband @ Rs 275/- for 75 Days
  • BSNL revises validity and MRP of prepaid plans and STVs from 1st July 2022
  • BSNL discontinues GO GREEN Discount of ₹100 for everyone
  • BSNL customers to get ₹1200 bill discount on availing FTTH (Bharat Fiber)
  • BSNL revises First Recharge plan ₹249 to offer 45 days validity from 1st March 2022

Dear readers, please share this latest Special Incentive Schemes and Commission Structure which are available to BSNL’s Franchisee Network among all your friends and relatives who are doing BSNL C Top Up sales (Franchisee / RD / DSA / Retailer). How many of you are doing C-Top Up business for BSNL? Please do share your feedback about BSNL Mobile Network and Service Quality with us.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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