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BSNL adds new 4G Plus Wi-Fi tariffs and improves its existing ones with extra data. BSNL offers 50, 90, and 500 Mbps Wi-Fi networks.

BSNL increases free data usage without increasing MRP.

The leader in national telecommunications, BSNL, revised each retail Wi-Fi package that is now available under the name “BSNL 4G Plus.”

The amount of free bandwidth included in all retail Wi-Fi plans (BSNL 4G Plus) was increased by BSNL without affecting MRP. The pricing of BSNL 4G Plus Wi-Fi plans ranges from Rs 10 to Rs 1999. The most current data indicates that BSNL has furthermore launched three new Wi-Fi plans across the country of India: “BSNL Wi-Fi 50,” “BSNL Wi-Fi 90,” and “BSNL Wi-Fi 500.”

New Wi-Fi plans ‘BSNL Wi-Fi 50’, ‘BSNL Wi-Fi 90’ & ‘BSNL Wi-Fi 500’

BSNL’s Revised Prepaid Wi-Fi plans..

The rest of the terms and conditions will not change. In all the circles, these directives shall take effect right now. For its prepaid and postpaid mobile users, BSNL has already begun to roll out Wi-Fi Mobile Data Offloading (BSNL 4G Plus) and Broadband Data Offloading (BSNL Broad Fi) Service. All BSNL customers with 2G or 3G data connections are eligible for free high-speed (up to 64Mbps) Wi-Fi access wherever it is offered thanks to BSNL Wi-Fi Mobile Data Offloading. Similar to this, current BSNL broadband users may use Wi-Fi data services without paying a fee through the company’s Broad Fi service.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

Effective 1 February 2018, BSNL has expanded its 24-hour unlimited free calling offering to include four more unlimited broadband plans.

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