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One of BSNL’s most well-liked plan coupons, the First Recharge Coupon 108 (FRC 108), which is only offered to new prepaid mobile subscribers, including MNP port-in customers across all telecom circles, has been extended.

BSNL extended MNP Offer – Plan Voucher ₹108 till 30th November 2020 across all telecom circles; Enjoy unlimited calls, 1GB/Day unlimited data and 500 SMS for 60 days

MNP Offer – Plan Voucher 108 has been extended by BSNL until November 30, 2020, for all telecom circles; For 60 days, take advantage of unlimited calls, 1GB of internet each day, and 500 SMS.

As we previously reported, as part of a special deal lasting 90 days, the PSU increased the validity of the freebies included with Plan Voucher 108 from 28 days to 60 days. On July 21, 2020, BSNL first made this program known to all telecom circles. With the use of the BSNL Plan Voucher 108, BSNL was able to attract the greatest number of port-in customers in this short amount of time.

The BSNL authorities have decided to prolong the plan voucher for a promotional time up to November 30, 2020, on a PAN India basis, based on the overwhelmingly positive reaction from new subscribers to this offer. This implies that up until November 30, 2020, new prepaid mobile users who switch to the BSNL network from other private carriers may choose this special plan voucher FRC 108. Additionally, new BSNL Prepaid Mobile subscribers may utilize the same offer. With a daily cost of just Rs 1.8, this plan voucher is the most affordable prepaid cell phone plan presently offered by BSNL. If a customer spends just Rs. 1.8 per day for 60 days, they may benefit from unlimited calls, unlimited internet, and 500 free SMS.

NOTE: Current BSNL Prepaid Mobile customers cannot extend their validity using Plan Voucher 108. Other than FRC 108, they may use any other prepaid plan voucher denomination.

How can I transfer my current cell phone number to BSNL?

MNP procedure is the same for both Prepaid and Post-paid mobile customers of all service providers.

Step: 1 (Send SMS to 1900)

Sending an SMS to short code 1900 in the following format is required by the customer in order to migrate their current mobile number to BSNL.

SMS Format for MNP PORT-In to BSNL

PORT space 10 Digit Mobile Number

For example, send SMS as follows if your cell number is 98476543210:

PORT 98476543210 to 1900

Existing BSNL mobile users from other states can likewise port their current BSNL mobile number to another state using the same procedure.

Step: 2 (Get your Unique Porting Code / UPC)

Following an SMS transmission, your operator will send a UPC (Unique Porting Code) with an expiration date to your mobile phone. A subscriber’s MNP UPC is only good for five days (5 days) after they submit their request. It immediately expires after that.

UPC (Unique Porting Code) Format

The UPC code will have the following format: VLxxxxxx, where the donor operator (current operators: V for Vodafone Idea, T for Tata Teleservices, J for Reliance Jio, etc.) is indicated by the first letter, and the service area code (L for Kerala, T for Tamil Nadu, etc.) is indicated by the second letter. and the final six numbers are a unique code that was produced at random for your number.

Step 3 (Apply and receive a new SIM card from BSNL)

Visit your local BSNL CSC (Customer Service Center) or approved franchisee/retailer as soon as you get the MNP UPC number and bring valid proofs of identity and address. The staff will then enter a new 4G SIM detail into the BSNL database, take your live photo, and submit your MNP data and profile information in the Digital KYC Sanchar Aadhaar Application. Following online submission of the request, new BSNL 4G SIM cards will also be distributed through BSNL CSC / Retailer locations.
The consumer can select the necessary Plan Voucher for his or her number at this point. Numerous tempting plan vouchers from BSNL provide limitless phone, internet, and SMS features. If the client wants shorter stays, they may also utilize plan voucher 108.

Step: 4 (Insert a fresh BSNL 4G SIM card in your phone’s SIM slot).

Your current number will be migrated into the BSNL network and activated on your new BSNL 4G SIM cards after your porting request has been approved. It will take two to five days to complete the porting procedure. After completing the tele-verification procedure, you may replace your old SIM card with a BSNL 4G SIM card to enjoy smooth access throughout India.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

As Per Latest Information Department of Telecommunication (DoT) instructed to use BSNL/MTNL services in all Government departments, ministries, public sector units and autonomous bodies.

As Per Latest Information Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released latest telecom subscription data for the month of July 2020.