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Exclusive: BSNL starts a campaign to educate people against KYC fraud and SIM banning.

Mobile phone users are receiving SMS/calls from Registered and Unregistered Tele Marketers.

You don’t need to worry if you’ve previously got a call or SMS similar to this from any number; telecom companies have already launched campaigns through SMS and OBD (Out Bound Dialling) to inform its users about these types of fraudulent KYV verification and SIM banning messages. Telecom operators won’t send these SMS for KYC updates or verification. The senders of all these phony mails are con artists. The officials at BSNL have also chosen to launch a campaign like this for all of its clients each month via calls and SMS. Numerous clients have already experienced financial losses from their bank accounts due to identity theft related to online banking. In each of these situations, the con artists will request that smartphone users install an app in order to finish the SIM card KYC verification process. Following app installation,

The application that is now loaded on your phone is only a screen-mirroring program that will send the fraudster all the information that you type into your phone. Once they have your login details for online banking, thieves can start transferring money from your bank account. This is how KYC scammers often operate. About these phony SMS/voice calls requesting an OTP or KYC verification, BSNL Kerala Telecom Circle has previously released a press release.3.

The fake SMS and calls from RTMs (Registered Tele Marketers) and UTMs (Unregistered Tele Marketers) requesting people to contact a specific number for document verification, SIM blocking, and KYC are causing BSNL officials to get several complaints. In addition to this, complaints about what appear to be bogus SMS are also being noted. Given the foregoing and in an effort to raise awareness among BSNL users, it has been decided to launch an OBD campaign in the Kerala Circle and a monthly SMS campaign for BSNL Mobile consumers throughout India.

Below is the material that would be aired during OBD Voice calls to BSNL customers in the Kerala Circle: –

This call is to alert you, dear BSNL customer, of a fraudulent call or SMS that claims to update your KYC or Aadhaar data, or it wants you to download an app in order to verify documents over the phone. I beg you not to download the AY app or provide the caller any personal information. BSNL has never asked you to download any third-party apps in order to engage in such activities. You may report such a call or SMS to 1909. When answering such calls or SMS, please exercise caution as they may result in financial loss. Greetings.

The content to be broadcasted in such SMS messages are given below. Awareness message in regional languages also will be pushed to all BSNL customers.

The text advises not to use any other name or address for your account, but to use a unique identifier for your account, such as ‘T.I.C.I.O.’, as it can be a security measure.

Important: Watch out for bogus mails requesting that you download an app to update your Aadhaar or KYC data or contact any number for verification. For such activities, BSNL has never requested that you download any third-party apps. Please be cautious while responding to these calls or SMS since they might cost you money: Group BSNL

Never Answer These Spam Calls or Messages!

You may receive voice calls and SMS notifications about this KYC verification scam in the next several days from BSNL. It is usually advisable to ignore these calls. Simply get in touch with the BSNL Telephone Exchange or Customer Service Center (CSC) that is closest to you if you have any questions. Additionally, you may reach BSNL Toll Free Customer Service at 1503.

Dear readers, please share this important message among all your friends and relatives. How many of you have already received such pesky calls / SMS? Please do share this valuable alert message from BSNL to everyone in your friend circle.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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