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BSNL slashes eSIM SMS tariff; Launches 3 new add-on packs

BSNL lowers SMS eSIM tariff; Launch 3 new add-on packs

With immediate effect, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has decided to reduce SMS costs for its eSIM and M2M SIM playing cards across all telecom circles. According to current information, BSNL eSIM subscribers may be eligible for a 66.67% discount on the current SMS cost. Every Onset (BSNL Network) and Offset SMS (Other Network) sent after the subscribed tariff plan is eligible for the SMS charge savings.

As we announced on August 2, 2021, BSNL has introduced new supplementary eSIM tariff options for M2M and IoT packages, with monthly costs as low as Rs 15/-, in line with eSIM. The chosen eSIM plan’s basic SMS rate, or the cost of SMS messages after freebies, was announced as 15ps per SMS (to BSNL and Other Network lines). The BSNL administration has now decided to change the base SMS pricing, which will now be 5ps per SMS for BSNL and 10ps per SMS for all other networks. That is to say, once a user has exhausted the free SMS offers in their subscribed eSIM or M2M plan, they would want to pay just 5p/SMS (to BSNL) or 10p/SMS (to other networks).

The following was said in an official statement from BSNL about the most recent rate change for eSIM and M2M SIM plans:.

Different plans with a restricted data and quantity of free on-net SMS are available under the M2M pricing. The cost of an SMS was 15 pese for both off-net and on-net messages (after the free SMS cap). Certain field units communicated that when a fallback to SMS is needed in places without data access, the SMS rate increases significantly. Different Add-on On-Net SMS Packs have been introduced to meet this demand, and the pricing for On-Net SMS that exceeds the Plan/Package rate as well as Off-Net SMS has been updated.

The pricing for additional On-Net SMS packs is as follows:

The following are the modified additional SMS charges (in the BSNL area):

BSNL eSIM for IoT/M2M Applications

Machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things services need automated communication between two or more machines. It is the cornerstone of the Internet of Things (IoT), and telecom service providers are required to enable connectivity in order for communication to take place. Telecom service providers may be able to generate more revenue in the future from M2M and Internet of Things services, hence TRAI developed a special 13-digit numbering scheme for M2M services. In this scenario, M2M / IoT service providers’ application servers would receive backhaul connectivity from telecom service providers, while M2M service providers will deliver the services to their end customers. The majority of the largest telecom service providers (TSPs) have begun to enter into contracts with M2M and IoT service providers, who will thereafter offer services to final consumers.

Depending on the needs and uses of the user, BSNL will offer two different types of SIM cards for M2M and IoT applications.

  • Normal SIM (Physical SIM)
  • eSIM (SIM embedded in M2M smart devices)

Cost of M2M SIM Cards: e-SIM cards are given out for free, whereas physical SIM cards are priced at Rs. 10/-per SIM card.

For your easy reference, the most recent tariff modifications for BSNL eSIM plans for M2M/IoT applications are provided below:.

  • BSNL waives the yearly recurring fees for private APN and updates its eSIM plans for IoT and M2M applications.
  • For M2M and IoT connections, BSNL introduces two additional new eSIM rate slabs. BSNL eSIM plans begin at ₹15/-.
  • For Internet of Things applications, the Department of Telecom has given BSNL a new 13-digit M2M numbering series.

How Am I Able to Use BSNL eSIM? or BSNL M2M 13-digit mobile connection, or BSNL IoT SIM card?

Corporate companies and Small & Medium Business Units use BSNL’s MPLS backbone network for connection. To obtain a BSNL eSIM card, interested parties can get in touch with the local BSNL Enterprise Business Unit. Corporate clients and business institutions can now register online at, the official website of BSNL. BSNL’s Enterprise Business / Corporate Services registration may be accessed at

Please tell all of your friends and family about this latest information on BSNL’s Next Generation IoT Services (eSIM / M2M SIM Cards), dear readers. What percentage of you are aware of 13-digit mobile connections, or M2M SIM cards, issued by BSNL?

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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