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Cost of a new BSNL SIM and instructions for getting a second SIM card.

BSNL is issuing 4G SIM cards to replace lost or broken SIM cards.BSNL is issuing 4G SIM cards to replace lost or broken SIM cards.

You can activate the same mobile number on another SIM card if your smartphone is misplaced, your SIM card is damaged, or both. The PSU is now distributing 4G SIM cards as a substitute for its prepaid and post-paid mobile clients throughout India while BSNL is in the process of rolling out 4G.

When customers buy new mobile phones that demand nano SIM cards, they might also need to obtain extra SIM cards. When the PUK code is provided incorrectly by the consumer, the BSNL SIM card may occasionally be permanently disabled. Here, we outline the step-by-step process for obtaining a replacement SIM card for your lost, damaged, or broken BSNL SIM card.

What are the typical causes of duplicate or replacement SIM cards?

  • 4G up-gradation
  • International Roaming Activation
  • SIM card or Mobile handset lost
  • SIM card registration failed.
  • SIM card is invalid
  • Emergency calls only
  • New mobile phone couldn’t be used with an old SIM card.
  • PUK blocked

Customers of BSNL Mobile, both Prepaid and Post-paid, may obtain a spare SIM card at the nearby BSNL Customer Service Center (BSNL CSC) or a BSNL-approved retailer store in any of the aforementioned situations.

Documents required for a replacement BSNL SIM.

Customers must provide POI (Proof of Identity) and POA (Proof of Address), which serve as identification documents. Once the BSNL staff has confirmed the legitimacy of the information and the customer’s name, they will provide a replacement BSNL SIM card with the same mobile number. The 3 in 1 repluggable SIM cards from BSNL may be used in a normal, micro, or nano slot and are 4G enabled.

Cost of BSNL 4G up-gradation SIM card

In regions where the BSNL 4G network is being deployed, complimentary 4G SIM cards are being distributed by BSNL. This free 4G SIM upgrade program is available in every telecom circle in India till March 31, 2021. However, in other locations, a consumer must spend Rs 50 for a 4G upgrade SIM card.

How can I obtain a prepaid international roaming SIM card from BSNL?

Customer requests for SIM cards with BSNL Prepaid International Roaming must be submitted together with their POI and POA.

How can I obtain a SIM card for international roaming from BSNL?

A client must include a copy of their valid passport, their POI, and their POA with their request for a BSNL Post-paid International Roaming enabled SIM card. For the Post-paid International Roaming feature to be activated, he must submit Rs 5000 as a refundable security deposit.

Will the costs to replace a BSNL SIM be the same across all circles?

Yes, the pricing of a BSNL duplicate SIM card would be the same across all circles.

Can I change my BSNL SIM at any BSNL CSC in another state?

Due to a technological constraint, replacement SIM cards cannot be issued from another circle; instead, you must go to your own circle to obtain a BSNL duplicate SIM.

For instance, if a consumer is a member of the Kerala circle, he cannot obtain a duplicate SIM card from the BSNL Karnataka circle.

Can I take use of the current freebies or other amenities in lieu of a replacement?

Your actual SIM card will be replaced by a new one that is linked to the same mobile number under the BSNL SIM Replacement program. All the current features (Voice, SMS, data balance, expiration date) will continue in the replacement SIM card even after the old SIM card is deactivated.

How long would it take a consumer to activate a new BSNL SIM?

It would take at least 30 minutes for the BSNL duplicate SIM card to be activated after submitting the required POI and POA to BSNL CSC.

Is blocking my BSNL SIM card required if I lose my phone?

No, blocking the same is not required. Customers are recommended to obtain a new SIM or duplicate SIM card as soon as possible from the closest BSNL CSC to minimise the risk of abuse. Following SIM replacement, the previous SIM card will immediately become inactive. Additionally, a consumer may ban his cellphone number by calling the BSNL consumer Care Number 1503.

A consumer must personally appear with the necessary documentation in order to obtain a replica SIM card. Only those situations in which the veracity of the claim can be confirmed with accompanying documentation will receive new SIM cards from BSNL.

Please share any questions you have regarding replacing your BSNL SIM card, readers. How many of you have had trouble contacting BSNL CSC to obtain a duplicate SIM card?

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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