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BSNL offers 5GB free data with one year validity.

BSNL offers 5GB WiFi Data Offer to landline customers without broadband connection.

The biggest landline provider in the nation, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), recently announced the introduction of a free 5GB Wi-Fi data package for all landline subscribers without a broadband connection.

On July 1st, 2020, Sri. P K Purwar, CMD of BSNL, announced the scheme. With a 12-month validity term, all BSNL landline customers will now receive 5GB of high-speed Wi-Fi internet. With the help of this campaign, BSNL wants to see more landline users embrace broadband and advance up the value chain. The “Broadband for All” objective of BSNL will be accomplished through this scheme.

When a BSNL landline subscriber is near a hotspot, he must turn on Wi-Fi on his phone and choose the BSNL Wi-Fi SSID. When the user arrives at the Captive Portal, they must select the landline tab. Additionally, the user must provide their landline number together with their STD before selecting “Get PIN.” The user must enter the PIN they get on their registered mobile number (RMN) in order to access the data.

How to Get the 5GB Free Wi-Fi Offer from BSNL? How will the service be accessed by BSNL Landline Customers?

The ‘BSNL Wi-Fi’ SSID makes this 5GB of Wi-Fi bandwidth accessible to BSNL landline subscribers. All landline users may access a package of 5GB data packs in the BSNL Wi-Fi Core by mapping their Registered Mobile Number, which is pre-provisioned for all landline numbers. The customer’s 5GB allotment may be used during numerous sessions until it is used up.
It applies to the quota or the One Year Validity, whichever comes first. Customers may purchase any of the available data vouchers online on the Wi-Fi Portal using Paytm or other online ways once the 5GB data pack has been used up.

How to get 5GB of free Wi-Fi internet data by following these instructions

User Selects BSNL Wi-Fi SSID

The user will be sent to the captive portal.

User has to select Landline tab on Captive Portal

The registered mobile number (RMN), landline number, and STD code must all be entered by the user before selecting “Get PIN.”

User needs to enter the received PIN received on RMN.

5GB of data will be accessible to the user after a successful login.

When the 5GB allotment has been consumed, the user will be advised to purchase one of the several data plans.

All landline users with registered mobile phones can access this service through BSNL Wi-Fi Hotspots (MDO – Mobile Data Offload / USOF) located throughout the nation. In 26,859 Wi-Fi hotspot sites across India, the PSU operates 34,260 Wi-Fi hotspots.

How can I find the closest BSNL Wi-Fi hotspot?

Customers may view the location of the closest BSNL Wi-Fi Hotspot by visiting

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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