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Exclusive: BSNL allows USSD-based activation of prepaid mobile STVs.

BSNL launched USSD-based activation of 37 widespread STVs using short code *444#.

A new USSD short code *444# was introduced by the state-owned telecom giant Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) to enable USSD-based activation of prepaid mobile vouchers (STVs).

Now, prepaid mobile users of BSNL may activate their preferred Voice STVs and Data STVs by calling the USSD Code 444MRP#, where MRP is the amount of the prepaid voucher that has to be refilled. In all BSNL telecom circles, the activation process and format using USSD is the same.
BSNL launched USSD activation of Night Data STVs using short code *444#, as we previously reported. The following 37 widespread STVs can now be enabled using the direct short code *444*MRP# and USSD short code *444# (for example, 4444#, 44468#, etc.). Circle-wise STV availability in the short code *444# will be introduced later.

NOTE: The USSD-based activation code for each voucher should be 444MRP#. Denomination of the prepaid voucher to be recharged is referred to as MRP.

Chandigarh and Chennai recently received new USSD Gateway installations from BSNL. BSNL is now unable to fully utilize the USSD form of recharging since each zone has its unique USSD activation code and processes. Furthermore, it is impossible to sell and spread awareness of this recharging method throughout all of India due to zone-specific variations in USSD numbers and activation processes. There has to be a standard USSD code used throughout all of India in order to facilitate USSD-based activation. Because of this, BSNL officials have chosen to assign a new USSD short code *444# that is only to be used for the activation of prepaid mobile Data & Voice STVs.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

Prepaid mobile Data & Voice STV activation through USSD is made possible by BSNL with the new short code *444#.

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