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As per latest information Special Offers and Discounts to BSNL Landline / DSL Broadband clients on migrating to Bharat Fiber (FTTH)

DSL Broadband clients on migrating to a Fiber net connection

If you’re a BSNL Landline or BSNL DSL Broadband customer, you can have already taken into consideration upgrading your present connection to FTTH. The first actual query that comes to your thoughts might be approximately numerous alternatives or gives which can be to be had to present BSNL Landline / DSL Broadband clients on migrating to a Fiber net connection (FTTH).

Now, allow us to discover all of the numerous gives and unique cut price schemes that are currently to be had for changing your present BSNL Landline range to FTTH. At gift, your landline phone connection is running on a committed copper cable pair that run out of your nearest phone alternate all of the manner right all the way down to your home. BSNL’s DSL Broadband connections also are running over the equal copper cable pair. The overall performance or download velocity of conventional BSNL DSL Broadband Internet connections relies upon at once on the space out of your home/workplace to the closest BSNL phone alternate and the pleasant of the copper cable.

If you’re going through common disconnection or carrier troubles to your present BSNL DSL Broadband connection, you may without difficulty migrate to BSNL Fiber Broadband Connection (BSNL FTTH). BSNL has already released a bouquet of unique gives and cut-price schemes for such clients who’re fascinated to migrate to FTTH. The important hassle that is presently being confronted with the aid of using BSNL DSL Broadband clients is the low add velocity of DSL generation. We can avail a most add velocity of simply 1Mbps in DSL generation and that too in case you are dwelling very near BSNL alternate. The pleasant of the copper cable pair additionally performs a vital function in adding velocity too. Upload velocity topics whilst you are the use of your broadband net connection for Video Surveillance (For CCTV / Security cameras), Video Conferencing, Video Calls, etc

Offers available to existing Landline & DSL Broadband Customers on migrating to Bharat Fiber (FTTH)

The download velocity of BSNL FTTH plans tiers from 30Mbps to 300Mbps. Existing landline or DSL broadband clients may also pick any FTTH (Bharat Fiber) plan consistent with his/her requirement. Unlike DSL broadband, BSNL FTTH gives a symmetric download and adds velocity to every person consumer as consistent with his/her enrolled tariff plan. BSNL additionally gives bundled Voice facility (VoIP) together with a Bharat Fiber reference to True limitless voice calls to any community in India with no extra cost. Customers also can avail of Static IP deal with in BSNL FTTH connection as consistent with their requirements.

BSNL’s FTTH plans for brand new clients begin from simply Rs 399/- onwards. In BSNL Experience Fiber 399 plan, a consumer can experience a most of 30Mbps download, in addition, in addition, to add velocity to 1000GB records utilization in a month. After 1000GB, the rate can be decreased to 2Mbps. BSNL Fiber Basic Plus plan with a month-to-month hire of Rs 599/- gives 60Mbps velocity until 3300GB while the Fiber TB plan at Rs 777/- gives 100Mbps download velocity until 1000GB. Customers can pick from an extensive kind of Bharat Fiber plans with various velocity and OTT blessings which include a Disney+Hotstar Premium subscription.

1. Migration of Same Landline Number to Bharat Fiber (BSNL FTTH).

Earlier, BSNL becomes dispensing unique numbering tiers for FTTH connections. Conversion of current landline numbers to FTTH becomes additionally now no longer viable at that time. After the upgradation of antique cell phone exchanges to Next Generation Network (NGN), it’s miles technically viable to transform a current landline wide variety (operating on copper cable pair) to FTTH. As nearly all BSNL cell phone exchanges are actually upgraded to NGN, you may avail of the equal landline wide variety of Fiber. So, when you have plans to improve your BSNL copper connection to Fiber, first ask your nearest cell phone exchange / BSNL CSC concerning the supply of the equal wide variety on FTTH. If it’s miles feasible, simply post your BSNL FTTH utility shape on the nearest BSNL CSC or BSNL Telephone Exchange.

2. Rent Free Aseem Plan to Landline/Broadband Customers migrating to BSNL FTTH.

If conversion of same landline number to FTTH is not feasible in your telephone exchange, you can avail this second option. Here, BSNL will create a new telephone number for your FTTH connection. At the same time, you can maintain your existing landline number as a virtual telephone connection. Virtual connection means, your old landline number will be created in BSNL exchange only and all calls coming to that number will be automatically routed to your new FTTH number. It means, there will not be any physical connectivity for your old landline number, but the number will be active in your name, and you will never miss any calls coming to that number.

BSNL’s special plan for virtual numbers are named as Aseem. BSNL is also offering Aseem Plan commercially to individuals who need virtual numbers for their offices / home. In such cases, all incoming calls to the Virtual Landline Number will be routed to the mobile number as requested by the customer. Charges for BSNL Aseem Plan is Rs 99/- (For Routing Calls to BSNL Mobile Numbers) for 4 months or Rs 199/- for 4 months (For Routing Calls to Non BSNL Mobile Numbers).

If same number conversion is not feasible in your telephone exchange, you can ask for Rent Free Aseem Plan. Here, you can avail all incoming calls on your old landline number routed to your new FTTH number absolutely free.

3. BSNL Rs 100/- Unlimited Combo Broadband Internet Plan (1GB CS340 Plan) to customers upgrading to Bharat Fiber (BSNL FTTH).

BSNL Kerala Telecom Circle introduced this special unlimited combo broadband plan with fixed monthly rent of just Rs 100/- as an exclusive offer to existing landline and DSL Broadband customers who are migrating to FTTH. Here, customers can keep their existing copper line as a backup broadband connection to FTTH by paying a nominal monthly rent of just Rs 100/-.

Customers retaining their existing DSL broadband connection in 1GB CS340 plan at Rs 100/- per month can avail unlimited broadband usage of 1GB at 4Mbps speed (after 1GB/Day, speed will be reduced to 1Mbps), unlimited calls to all BSNL Landline and Mobile numbers in India, unlimited calls to any network in night (10.30 PM to 6 AM).

The major attraction of this scheme is that you can use your copper broadband connection as a backup line which will give you peace of mind in case any outage happens to your FTTH connection.

4. BSNL’s Rs 600 Discount to existing Landline only customers migrating to Bharat Fiber (FTTH).

As we reported in June 2021, BSNL launched a special promotional scheme where an existing landline customer who migrate to FTTH can avail maximum bill discount of Rs 600/-. This scheme is available for a promotional period of 90 days with effect from 14th June 2021 to 12th September 2021 across all the telecom circles. When an existing landline only customer migrates to FTTH, he/she can avail bill discount of Rs 100/- per month for 6 months under this scheme.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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