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As Per Latest Information Now forget validity recharge: BSNL allows plan validity extension with STVs and Combo Vouchers for all prepaid mobile customers.

Now forget about top-ups – BSNL offers STV renewals and phone vouchers to all prepaid mobile customers

Good news for BSNL prepaid mobile subscribers across India as the power pack now allows auto-renewal with STV and Combo STV. Extending the validity of a prepaid mobile tariff is always a headache for most users. After the introduction of unlimited top-up offers from telecom providers, most users top up their numbers with the cheapest STV voucher or combo currently on the market.

For their mobile connections to be operational, the majority of private telecom companies implemented a mandated minimum monthly recharge fee. With STVs or Combo Vouchers, BSNL now permits automatic plan validity extension, resolving the issue of the minimum monthly recharge and validity extension. It implies that prepaid mobile users of BSNL can extend the life of their plans with any STV or Combo STV of their choosing. Customers must, however, recharge any STV or Combo STV before the expiration date of the current plan, and the validity of the plan is prolonged by the length of time that the activated STV has been paid by the customer.

According to the latest information from BSNL – “The plan validity for Mithram Plus, per minute, per second, 108 plan, 153 plan, 186/485/666/365/997/999/1999 plans will be extended according to the charging of STV/ Combo vouchers (except STV 25, 58.168) via CTOPUP/Online if the validity of the STV top-up is higher than the validity of the existing plan.

How can I increase validity of my BSNL prepaid mobile with STV/Combo STV?

This feature (renewal with STV/Combo STV) is only available to those who activate an STV/Combo STV before their current plan expires. This means customers must top up their number with any STV/STV Combo before the expiry date. If your prepaid BSNL number has already expired, you must top it up with any plan voucher (top-up validity) to keep the number active.

Is a Plan Voucher Recharge Required for Validity Extension?

Plan Voucher recharge is required for users whose validity has ended in order to extend it. Customers may only utilize STV or Combo STV to extend validity prior to the expiration date.

My BSNL prepaid number’s validity ended yesterday. How can I make my strategy more effective?

To recharge (validity recharge), you must use any Plan Voucher.

My BSNL Prepaid number’s validity is about to expire in a few days. How can I make this more credible?

You can extend your plan’s validity with any Combo STV of your choosing or according to your needs if the validity of your BSNL prepaid mobile number is about to expire. Any of the current prepaid STV or Combo STV options, such as STV 97, STV 99, STV 187, STV 247, STV 319, STV 499, or STV 599, are available to you. Your plan’s validity will be extended following an STV or Combo STV recharge for the duration of the activated coupon.

Is possible to increase plan validity with any STV / Combo STV?

No, as per the latest information, validity extension is not allowed with ISD STVs and International Roaming STVs.

Please share this important information with all of your friends and family who use BSNL prepaid mobile services, dear readers. How many of you have had issues extending the validity of your plan? Please let us know what you think.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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