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As Per Latest Information from October 28 to November 3, 2016, BSNL Kerala Circle will hold an online auction for fancy or vanity mobile numbers.

BSNL offers an e-auction of fancy and vanity mobile numbers, creating a transparent environment.

From October 28 to November 3, 2016, the BSNL Kerala Telecom Circle will hold a “E-Auction of Fancy and Vanity Mobile Numbers” through the website For this e-auction, mobile numbers with certain sequences—often referred to as vanity, fancy, or premium numbers—are offered.

Through the web or SMS (only from a BSNL GSM mobile number), customers can bid on certain premium numbers. The e-auction registration and participation processes are really quick and straightforward.

The goal of BSNL is to provide a platform where consumers who are more interested in fancy numbers may access these premium numbers. Due to the exceptionally high demand, these numbers are pooled for the sale so that everyone has a chance to win the number of their choosing by taking part in the auction held on this website. Overall, our website creates a transparent environment that allows the general public to learn more about our priceless services.

List of Numbers for the e-auction running from October 28 to November 3, 2016

Who is eligible to take part in the e-auction?

  • To the qualifying consumers, businesses, and similar enterprises, BSNL aims to provide an electronic auction for the allocation of vanity numbers in the corresponding licensed service area (which includes related Telecom Circle subscribers).
  • The winning bidder will receive the vanity Number. This vanity number will include all the features specified in the plan, such as SMS, Data, ISD, and International Roaming, according to the BSNL’s published rate, and will be in the Corresponding Licensed Service Area (which includes the Corresponding Telecom circle).
  • The potential clients, companies, or businesses must be Indian citizens or Indian-registered businesses.
  • Along with the bid for corporations or businesses, a Certificate of Incorporation with a copy of the articles and the Memorandum of Association must be supplied.
  • Prospective clients, corporations, and similar businesses should produce the most recent recognized copies of their income tax returns.

Exactly how do I register for the online portal?

Customers must visit to register; registration on the portal is free.
The user can choose the vanity number of his choosing and register it by paying the non-refundable registration cost of Rs. 150/ (Rupees One Hundred Fifty Only), which will be paid for each vanity number. The registration charge will be taken out of the call balance for pre-paid subscribers and added to the subsequent postpaid bill.

How to Take Part in the Fancy Number / Premium Auction?

Customers can bid on certain premium numbers online or by SMS (only from BSNL GSM mobile phones).

How to Participate in the SMS Premium Number Auction:


For standard registration, SMS REGVAN to 56666. Regular Registration will cost Rs. 3-.


Sending the text “VLIST” to the number 56666 will provide the list of VANITY numbers. For example, VLIST KL 11111 to 56666. The aforesaid SMS will be charged Rs.3/-.


(A) Send the text CHOICESPACE>10-digit mobile number to 56666 to find out the highest offer currently being accepted for your chosen number. Example: CHOOSE 56666 or 9495111111. The aforesaid SMS will be charged Rs.3/-.
(B) Text CHOICESPACE>10-digit mobile number>SPACE>Y to 56666 to enter the vanity/premium number auction. For instance, choose 9495111111Y to 56666. (The aforesaid SMS will be charged Rs. 150. The consumer may now bid on the above-mentioned registered number.)
(C) Text CHOICESPACE>10-digit mobile number SPACE>AMOUNT to 56666 to place a bid on a vanity number. For instance: CHOOSE 9495111111 22000 to 56666. (To place a Rs. 22000/- bid for the cell phone number 9495111111) The aforesaid SMS will be charged Rs.3/-.

Taking part in the Premium Number Auction online (Requires Mozilla or Google Chrome)

  • Register at (basic registration is free).
  • Customers may register by clicking the “Login / Register” link, entering their email address and mobile number, and following a successful registration, receiving a password by SMS and email.
  • To continue, the customer must click “Login” while entering the password they were sent and accepting the terms and conditions.
  • Note: The registration fee and incremental value are identical to those for SMS-based auctions.
  • Every payment must be made online.
  • The customer can place a bid on that specific number after paying the registration fees using the “My Bid Status” menu.


The First Highest Bidder “H1” will be given a PIN through text message that will allow him to contact the closest CSC. After paying the bid money and plan fees, the consumer can join within 5 working days of receiving the PIN.

  • The number will be made available to the second highest bidder (H2) at the same H1 price if the first highest bidder fails to deposit the bid amount within 5 working days of notification.
  • The number will be made available to the third highest bidder (H3) at the same H1 price if the second highest bidder fails to deposit the bid amount within five working days of notification.

Are you interested in fancy, vanity, or premium numbers, readers? Have you taken part in the BSNL e-auction process? Are fancy numbers essential for company promotion? Please let us know your thoughts.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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