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As Per Latest Information Check out the latest list OLTs which can be seamlessly integrated with BSNL for Bharat Fiber (FTTH)

BSNL has published a list of 43 OLTs for LCOs, TIPs, and MSOs to provide ultra-fast fiber broadband services.

BSNL has published the latest list of approved OLTs (Optical Line Terminals) that local Cable TV Operators (LCOs) / Telecom Infrastructure Providers (TIPs) / Multiple System Operators (MSOs) can use to provide broadband services for new generation ultra-fast fiber broadband customers. The latest list published by BSNL on September 20th, 2021, contains the OLT of 43 providers including Netlink, Scopus, Huawei, Alphion, DBC, Genesis, Opti Link, etc.

New LCOs/TIPs/MSOs wishing to contract with BSNL can only source LTO from these suppliers. BSNL will not allow new FTTH franchisees to board LTOs that do not conform to the most recent list approved by BSNL’s core network team. As previously reported, BSNL is aggressively adding new FTTH connections across India under the Bharat Fiber brand with the help of LCO and TIP. Revenue-sharing agreements already in place with partners have helped BSNL roll out new FTTH connections across India, including in rural and remote villages.

As more and more new FTTH partners are being added by BSNL every day, it has become very much essential for BSNL to set a minimum benchmark for the new OLTs which are getting added to its Core Broadband Network. Now let us see the latest list of BSNL approved OLTs which can be used by FTTH (Bharat Fiber) Franchisees to rollout BSNL’s ultra-fast fiber broadband services.

List of OLT Makes who can seamlessly integrate with BSNL as on 20th September 2021:

  1. M/s Netlink
  2. M/s Alphion
  3. M/s Khwahish
  4. M/s DBC
  5. M/s Optilink
  6. M/s Syrotech
  7. M/s Uniway
  8. M/s Genexis
  9. M/s Optronix
  10. M/s Sharpvision
  11. M/s STEL fiber electronics India pvt LTD
  12. M/s Catvision
  13. M/s Technxt
  14. M/s Tara
  15. M/s Revotik
  16. M/s Fibresol
  17. M/s Metro
  18. M/s Digisol
  19. M/s Electro line
  20. M/s Fibre gate
  21. M/s Inotech
  22. M/s Nepstech
  23. M/s Opterna
  24. M/s Huawei
  25. M/s Zyxel
  26. M/s Nextvision
  27. M/s Translite
  28. M/s UTstarcom
  29. M/s Sky Bird International
  30. M/s Richerlink Technology Pvt Ltd
  32. M/s Tejas Networks
  33. M/s YURI
  34. M/s SCOPUS SC5004EL
  35. M/s Optivision AN001
  36. M/s TOSHI
  37. M/s Binitech
  38. M/s Adopt EPON AD1E-0444 OLT
  39. M/s Optinueva
  40. M/s ASFiber
  41. M/s UBIQCOM
  43. M/s BDCOM

Existing FTTH (Bharat Fiber) Franchisees of BSNL may also refer to the above list while purchasing new OLTs for BSNL FTTH Services.

Want to Become an entrepreneur?

Are you interested to start a new business? Then, BSNL gives you the opportunity to start a new business which has immense potential and future prospects even during these pandemic periods. BSNL’s Fiber Broadband (FTTH) Service is getting customer acceptance just because of its Service Quality and Performance as compared to all other private ISPs including Jio, Airtel, Kerala Vision, AsiaNet, Dwan, Alliance, Rail wire etc. We have already witnessed migration of fiber broadband connections to BSNL from private ISPs during the last one year. BSNL activated more than 3 lakhs new FTTH connections in Kerala Circle which is the clear sign of service quality of BSNL FTTH services.

Who can apply for BSNL Franchisee / Channel Partner?

BSNL is providing unique opportunity to Builders, Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), Telecom Infrastructure Providers, Franchisees, System Integrators, DID Franchisees of BSNL, any registered company or society, Local Cable TV Operators, Telecom Service Providers, BSNL Retailers, Direct Selling Agents, Start-ups or local entrepreneurs.

How Can I Join BSNL for FTTH Business?

Those who interested to join hands with BSNL for FTTH business can apply online or just walk in to your nearest BSNL Office. BSNL has alreay opened an online portal to accept registration for new FTTH franchisees. The url for the online portal is –

Offline Application: Interested people may directly contact your nearest BSNL Business Area Office for signing agreement and to become BSNL’s Bharat Fiber business partner.

What are the Roles for BSNL FTTH Franchisees?

BSNL FTTH partners’ role involves building or extending and maintaining BSNL Network and its customers. BSNL FTTH partners should explore the possibility of expanding the BSNL Customer base through extension of last mile connectivity in provisioning of BSNL Services.

What is it in for the Franchisee?

Attractive Revenue Sharing Model with commission upto 50% of Revenue genrated along with a well known branding of BSNL whose services are available in nook and corner of the Country along with host of many other benefits.

BSNL Franchisee Facilitation Centre (FFC)

BSNL already launched Franchisee Facilitation Center at Bangalore to provide all the technical support for BSNL Franchisees and node in charges for improving Bharat Fiber business across the country. This centre is exclusively created to facilitate the Franchisees in starting their partnership business with BSNL. BSNL FFC website also provides all latest firmware upgrades of third party OLTs & ONTs. Franchisees can also get technical contact details of third party OLT & ONT vendors.

Dear readers, please share your views and opinions about BSNL FTTH Services via comments with us. Recently, many local cable operators were already made revenue share agreement with BSNL for providing FTTH services. How many of you got BSNL FTTH connection via Cable TV Operator?

What do you think?

Written by Shallu Srivastav

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