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Recent Information A free ASEEM feature is available with the Ultra-Fast FTTH Broadband package from BSNL.

BSNL offers rent-free ASEEM to existing landline/broadband customers.

Public telecom company BSNL has announced the launch of ASEEM NO RENTAL service for existing fixed line customers switching to FTTH PAN India service.

The most recent information is that BSNL would give current fixed line/broadband customers who want to upgrade to BSNL’s ultra-fast broadband services a free ASEEM service. From November 19, 2018, subscribers of BSNL in all Telekom circles may access this service at branches.

What is BSNL ASEEM Plan?

Customers who subscribe to the ASEEM plan may select a landline number (fixed line indication) of their choosing, and all incoming calls to this landline number will be automatically redirected to one number of any networks of the subscriber’s choice without any additional fee. For a six-month period, the ASEEM plan costs Rs 99 (if the destination number is from BSNL) or Rs 199 (if it comes from any other telecom service provider).

More and more landline broadband users are switching to BSNL’s Fiber Broadband Services as a result of the launch of new 100 Mbps FTTH Plans like Fibro Combo ULD 777 & 1277. A current landline broadband user is not yet permitted to keep their current number while migrating to BSNL FTTH (Fiber Broadband Services). BSNL has established this Rent-Free Aseem Facility to address this issue. An current BSNL broadband client may take advantage of this offer to have all incoming calls to their previous landline number for the next six months completely free of charge. Given that they may have been utilizing their landline number for a while, all current BSNL Broadband subscribers would greatly benefit from this program.

Please leave a comment on this page with your thoughts on this current BSNL offer, dear readers. How many of you have previously used the FTTH services offered by BSNL? Are you moving quickly enough?

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

Unlimited bandwidth options are now GB/Day plans thanks to BSNL.

From December 1st, 2018, BSNL will discontinue its unlimited broadband package.