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As Per Latest Information BSNL revised the tariff of ASEEM virtual landline plan based on PAN India

BSNL revises Virtual Landline connection tariff to Rs 199 per year.

The largest landline provider in India, BSNL, has updated the prices for Plan ‘ASEEM’ virtual landline lines on a PAN-India basis.

Customers can purchase a BSNL landline number and, for a small fee, have all incoming calls to that number automatically redirected to any one mobile number on any network using BSNL’s virtual landline connection. If the mobile number belongs to another operator, the price per Virtual Landline number per year has been increased to Rs 199 from the previous Rs 99.

The details of Revised Tariff of BSNL Virtual Landline Plan ASEEM are given below:

  • Call diversion from ‘Virtual’ landline number to any one BSNL number of subscriber’s choice @ Rs.99/- per annum.
  • Call diversion from ‘Virtual’ landline number to any one other network’s number of subscriber’s choice @ Rs.199/- per annum.
  • DNP (Disconnected due to Non Payment of Bills) Customers for three months or more can take ‘Virtual’ landline connection under plan ‘ASEEM’.
  • On shifting of residence in TNF (Technically Non Feasible) area, existing landline customers shall be allowed to opt ‘ASEEM’ plan.
  • Voluntary closure customers are allowed to opt for ‘ASEEM’ plan.
  • For existing customers tariff may be revised as per TRAI guidelines.

The aforementioned guidelines will take effect beginning on September 1st, 2017, throughout all of India. Customers who wanted to use this service could pay the annual fees in advance of Rs 99 or Rs 199. Bills may be created and delivered to the customer’s address for subsequent years after 11 months. To provide a consumer with a virtual landline connection, neither copper cable nor FTTH are necessary. All circles provide the BSNL Virtual Landline Connection under the ‘ASEEM’ package.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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