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As Per Latest Information BSNL is updating Night Data STV 26 and Voice STV 28 to PAN India based services from 21 January 2017

BSNL to change two STVs to Combo packs with Free Talk Value.

The fourth-largest mobile operator in India, BSNL, has stated that two current prepaid mobile STVs, Night Data STV 26 and Voice STV 28, would be revised with effect from January 21, 2017, on a PAN-India basis.

According to the most recent information, BSNL will change Voice STV 28 to Combo STV 62 and Night Data STV 26 to Combo STV 48 without changing its validity term. on addition to the current freebies, the updated Combo packs come with Free Talk Value on the primary account.

The aforementioned changes will take effect in all telecom circles as of January 21, 2017. The only way to activate Combo Vouchers 48 & 62 is through C-TopUp; the SMS activation method is not supported.

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Light Fixed Mobile Telephony (LFMT), an app-based VoIP calling service, has already been made available by the PSU to all of its broadband and combination subscribers. With the BSNL LFMT service, you may use your smartphone as a fixed phone and make unlimited free night calls as well as 24 hours of unlimited free calls on Sundays.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

In collaboration with Hotspot Wi-Fi Service Providers (HSSPs), BSNL has announced the launch of two new bulk user Wi-Fi plans, “WiFi-BU-212” and “WiFi-BU-234,” for the provision of Wi-Fi services to bulk user consumers.

For prepaid mobile subscribers, BSNL has launched offers for unlimited voice calling with packs starting at Rs 99.