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As Per Latest Information BSNL has decided to migrate customers in all closed prepaid mobile plans to the newly launched Advance per Minute or Advance per Second plans with immediate effect across India.

BSNL to migrate closed prepaid mobile plans to Advance per Minute or Advance per Second plans.

With immediate effect, BSNL will switch all its prepaid mobile plans in India to Advance per Minute or Advance per Second plans.

As we reported on 8th August 2020, BSNL launched two new prepaid mobile plans – Advance Per Second ₹94 & Advance Per Minute ₹95 under the prepaid mobile category for its customers across the country. Customers opting for these Plan Vouchers may get 3GB free data to be consumed within 90 days + 100 minutes of free voice any-net in-home LSA and National roaming including Mumbai and Delhi for 90 days + free BSNL default tune for 60 days.

The following was said in an official announcement on the transfer of closed plans to freshly launched plans: –

Based on the pulse of the closed plan, the competent authorities ruled that clients of the closed prepaid plans should be transferred to the “Advance per minute plan 94” or “Advance per second plan 95.”

The aforementioned plan transfer will not have an impact on the closed lifetime prepaid mobile plans or the exclusive prepaid mobile plans provided to BSNL’s Enterprise Business customers. In India, the aforementioned rate will take effect right now. The 43rd Amendment to the Telecom Tariff Order and any instructions, recommendations, or clarifications that TRAI may provide from time to time must be followed while implementing the tariff. The table below provides a detailed description of the Advance Per Second and Advance Per Minute prepaid mobile plans from BSNL.

Customers can check their plan by dialling *123# from their prepaid mobile. If your plan is currently not available for new customers for subscription, it will be migrated automatically to any of the above two prepaid mobile plans based on the pulse rate of their existing plan. It means, if your old plan is in per second pulse rate, your plan will be migrated to Advance Per Second Plan whereas if it is in per minute pulse rate, it will be migrated to Advance Per Minute Plan.

How can I tell whether the plan I currently have is a closed prepaid mobile plan?

Customers can check the latest list of available prepaid mobile plans from the following link.

If your plan is not there, it will be automatically relocated in accordance with this most recent pricing change order. All previous prepaid mobile plans from BSNL, such as the Freedom Plan, Student Special Plan, Annual Plan 1699, Kerala Plan, etc., are affected by the aforementioned rate adjustment.

Please share your thoughts and ideas regarding the most recent BSNL rate adjustment in the comments section, dear readers. What percentage of you use the BSNL Mobile Service? Please let us know what you think about the level of service.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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