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As Per Latest Information As part of the ‘IT@School’ Project, BSNL will offer Wi-Fi broadband internet access in 10,000 elementary schools in Kerala.

BSNL to offer 10,000 schools unlimited broadband internet access.

As part of the ‘IT@School’ Project, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) will offer 10,000 lower and upper primary schools in Kerala Unlimited High Speed Broadband Internet connection with Wi-Fi capability.

According to the most recent information, from November 1 onwards, government and aided schools in the state would have access to 2Mbps BSNL Broadband internet service with unlimited data consumption. Since 2007, the “IT@School” Project has connected about 5,000 high schools, higher secondary schools, and educational offices to broadband internet.

According to K Anvar Sadath, director of the “IT@School” Project, “the state’s school broadband internet network will cover 100% of schools with over 15,000 connections” with the inclusion of broadband internet to elementary sections as well.

The internet access provided to schools, according to Sadath, should only be utilized for administrative and academic purposes. By the end of December, BSNL will have installed broadband connections in 40% of schools, and by the end of March, in the remaining schools.

According to Minister of Education Prof. C. Ravindranath, “This would be the beginning of upgrading the ICT infrastructure in the primary section as a continuation of the High-Tech School program through which all classes of Standard 8 to 12 are being upgraded using contemporary ICT tools.”

In November, the new ICT textbooks created on the edutainment platform ‘Kalipetti’ (play box) will be sent to the lower elementary schools. A complete Digital Content Collection created on a Free Software platform specifically for the Primary section will also be made accessible as part of the project.

Chief General Manager of the BSNL Kerala Circle, Shri. R Mani, stated that “The BSNL is keen to empower students through digital networks, and we have started the journey with the IT@School project in 2007.” Right now, service tax is included in the lowest price we can provide for the service, which is Rs 5000 per year.

Additionally, BSNL is developing a special web page and phone center to handle urgent concerns about the internet access provided to the schools. All PCs in the school computer lab will be connected through a Wi-Fi Broadband modem provided by BSNL. Wi-Fi broadband service will be password-protected and safeguarded.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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