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BSNL lets Bharat Fiber (FTTH), Broadband and Landline clients make better or increase bills through the BSNL Online Payment Portal

BSNL clients will pay a better quantity than the real bill quantity online through BSNL Payment Portal.

In India, BSNL has added a new service to its Bharat Fiber (BSNL FTTH), Broadband, and Landline customers. According to recent reports, BSNL customers would pay a higher amount through the BSNL Payment Portal online than the actual bill amount.

Till now, BSNL clients have been allowed to make online bills most effective for the generated invoice quantity. Hence clients who want to pay a better quantity than the bill quantity have been pressured to go to BSNL Customer Service Centre to make develop a fee for or their BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) or BSNL Broadband or BSNL Landline connection. In order to assist clients in the course of this pandemic period, the BSNL government has brought this superior facility wherein clients could make online bills of any quantity that is better than the bill quantity.

Now let’s look at how to use the BSNL Payment Portal to pay your BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH), BSNL Broadband, or BSNL Landline bill online.

How to Use the BSNL Payment Portal to Pay Online Bills?

Step 1: Visit BSNL Online Payment Portal

Step 2: The ‘Landline’ tab may be found on the top menu.

Step 3: Your BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH), broadband, landline, or STD phone number should be entered. For instance, enter 4712950000 if your BSNL FTTH number is 0471-2950000.

Step 4: To obtain a payment alert or receipt, enter your communication details. Your email address and mobile number must be entered here. After a successful payment, BSNL will send a payment receipt to the provided cellphone number and email address.

Step 5: Enter the code as it appears on the screen and then press the Submit button.

Step 6: You may now watch as information about your BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH), BSNL Broadband, and BSNL Landline Bill is presented on the screen. The upcoming information will be shown on screen for authorization..

  • Customer Name
  • Bill Amount
  • Pay By Date
  • Account Number
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • State/Circle
  • Contact Mobile number.

Step 7: Correct the amount that is displayed at the bottom of the screen to enter the payment amount. The invoice amount will be shown by default. Simply specify the required amount and click the Pay Now option if you want to pay a bigger sum. The default display of Rs. 998 (the invoice amount) in the preceding image has been changed to Rs. 2000.

Step 8: After that, you may choose from a variety of payment methods, including UPI Payment, Internet Banking, Debit Card, and Credit Card. Simply choose the proper payment option and complete the transaction.

Step 9: BSNL will give a payment receipt as seen in the above image when the payment transaction is complete. Customers can download a PDF version of this receipt for their records.

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Pay Higher Amount Online and Forget Non-Payment Disconnection!!!

Customers can use this feature to make advance payments online, which helps them avoid problems with non-payment disconnections. Customers must pay their bills on promptly because BSNL services are post-paid in order to prevent being disconnected.

Pay-by-date and dunning schedule for BSNL’s landline, broadband, and FTTH customers
ActivityRevised Schedule for bill issue month November 2020 onward
Invoice Date3rd Day of Every month
Pay-by-date15th day from invoice date
Outgoing barring (OGB)22nd day from invoice date
Incoming barring (ICB)15 days after OGB
Permanent Disconnection (PD)60 days after OGB

Invoice Date
BSNL normally issue post-paid bills (invoice) to their Landline, Broadband, and Bharat Fiber (FTTH) customers on 3rd day of every month.
As per the revised schedule, the pay-by-date will be the 15th day from the invoice date. Pay-by-date is the last day up to which a customer can make payment without a late fee. All bills paid after the pay-by-date will be charged late fee at the rate of 2% of the billed amount.
Outgoing Barring Date (OCB)
According to the updated timetable, BSNL will stop allowing delinquent customers to make any outbound phone calls or use any data services on the 22nd day from the invoice date. In order to keep their service operational, clients must pay their invoices by the 22nd day after the invoice date. All unpaid customers’ access to the service (Voice or Data) will be terminated on the 28th of the month (i.e., the 22nd day after the invoice date || The invoicing date is the 6th day of every month). Customers can take advantage of the incoming call feature during this time.

Below is a list of some of the most significant online services that BSNL customers may use for fast reference: –

  • Utilize the BSNL Selfcare Portal to manage all BSNL services online: The BSNL Selfcare Portal: How Do I Register?
  • How can I see how much bandwidth I’m using online via FTTH and BSNL Broadband?
  • How can you change your BSNL Bharat Fiber plans to the new FTTH Broadband plans using the BSNL Selfcare Portal?
  • How to download BSNL bills from the BSNL Selfcare Portal that are up to a year old | How to download your BSNL phone bills online?
  • Download a BSNL bill payment receipt online for customers of landlines, internet, and Bharat Fiber (FTTH).
  • BSNL has opened the “Book My Fiber” portal to take client requests for Bharat Fibre (FTTH) connections.
  • Recharge, bill payment, fancy number selection, and Bharat Fiber booking were added to the BSNL’s improved “My BSNL App.”

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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