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BSNL launches promotional broadband plans for new broadband/FTTH customers.

BSNL doubles the bandwidth of the 500GB CUL plan to 100Mbps.

With immediate effect, BSNL increased the capacity (download speed) of the Bharat Fiber 500GB CUL plan (FTTH 777 plan) to 100Mbps on all lines. Additionally, PSU has launched two new unlimited DSL broadband package combinations that only provide 20Mbps download speeds to new broadband subscribers.

The recently launched BSNL promotional broadband plans are 50GB CUL (DSL Broadband), 120GB CUL (DSL Broadband), and 500GB CUL (Bharat Fiber – FTTH) with monthly rentals of Rs 299, Rs 491, and Rs 777 respectively. All these new plans are valid exclusively for new broadband/FTTH customers in all telecom circuits (excluding Andaman and Nicobar) for a promotional period of 90 days from October 5, 2020.

From May 10, 2020, until January 1, 2021, BSNL will offer new promotional unlimited broadband internet plans.

Conditions for supplying the aforementioned promotional broadband plans:

  • The aforementioned DSL/Bharat Fiber Broadband Internet plans will only be offered to new users. However, current DSL BB customers can also choose the Bharat Fiber plan “500GB CUL,” as can any existing BSNL landline subscriber (i.e., one who does not have broadband).
  • The above DSL “50GB CUL” and “120GB CUL” plans are not compatible with FTTH (Bharat Fiber).
  • Existing DSL users with the “50GB CUL” and “120GB CUL” plans must transition to standard broadband services after six months, while Bharat Fiber customers with the “500GB CUL” plan must migrate to the “600GB CUL” plan. At the time the CAF (Customer Application Form) is filled out, the customer’s permission in this respect will be obtained.
  • Customers acquired under the promotional plans “50 GB” and “120 GB” should be migrated to the broadband plans “2GB CUL” and “3GB CUL,” respectively, after six months have passed since the date the BB connection was activated. This is true for customers who do not choose any regular DSL or Bharat Fiber Broadband plans at the time of CAF filling.
  • These discounted broadband plans are only offered to new users.
  • Above charges are exclusive of GST.

The above instructions shall be effective with immediate effect on promotional basis for a period of 90.
days in all the circles (except A&N circle).


The ‘BSNL 500GB CUL CS353’ plan, which is a unique unlimited regular FTTH plan for the BSNL Kerala Circle, is not eligible for the aforementioned promotional offer. The bandwidth (download speed) for the 500GB CUL CS353 plan will be 50Mbps up to 500GB and 2Mbps after 500GB. To receive 100Mbps download speed, new BSNL FTTH customers in Kerala Circle may choose Bharat Fiber Plan 500GB CUL (instead of Bharat Fiber Plan 500GB CUL CS353). However, after six months, their plan would automatically transition to the 600GB CUL plan (with a monthly cost of Rs 849).

In an effort to enhance its current market share and attract more new broadband subscribers, BSNL introduced these new unlimited combination broadband internet services. These recently released starting broadband plans have monthly subscription prices of Rs 299 (50GB CUL – DSL Broadband), Rs 491 (120GB CUL – DSL Broadband), and Rs 777 (500GB CUL – Bharat Fiber). The post FUP speed of the 500GB CUL plan has also been increased from the previous speed of 2 Mbps to 5 Mbps.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

BSNL plans to upgrade download speed and FUP usage limit in existing FTTH plans.

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