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BSNL launches extra new eSIM tariff slabs for M2M & IoT Connections

BSNL Tariff (Prepaid & Post-paid) Plans for M2M

For M2M and IoT connectivity, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has announced the launching of the newest additional new eSIM rate slabs. According to recent information, the PSU has provided new slabs for some connections between 1 lakh and 1. five lakhs, as well as for connections greater than 1. five lakhs.

BSNL eSIM rate plans now start as low as 15/- per month and go up from there. BSNL has modified its eSIM offers by eliminating the once-a-year recurring costs for personal APNs. For a one-time cost of Rs 10,000 for each personal APN, business users can also acquire an eSIM with a personal APN for usage with IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine communication) programs.

Plans for M2M and IoT services under the BSNL Tariff (Prepaid & Post-Paid) that were updated on July 30, 2021
Plan Charge
(Rs per SIM per Month)
Plan NameFree Mobile Data Per MonthFree Onset SMS Per Month10-10,000 SIMs10,001-50,000 SIMs50,001-1,00,000 SIMs1,00,001-1,50,000 SIMs
More than 1,50,000 SIMS [NEW SLAB]
IOT 110 MB5020181716 15
IOT 255 MB10022201817 16
IOT 3100 MB20024222018 16
IOT 4300 MB50031282522 20
IOT 5500 MB100035323027 25
IOT 61 GB100062565045 40
IOT 75 GB1000100908070 60
IOT 810 GB2000150135120105 90
IOT 925 GB2000200180160140 120
IOT 1060 GB2500250225200175 150
Private APN charges for M2M/IoT Services
One Time Charge for each Private APNRs 10,000/-
Annual Recurring Charge for each Private APNNIL
Additional Usage Fees for BSNL M2M / IoT Service After Free Use in BSNL Area
Data Charges after free usage1 paisa / 10KB for Home LSA and National Roaming
SMS Charges after free SMS limit & Off-net SMS15 paisa per SMS
Outgoing Voice Calls (On-net & Off-net)30 paisa per 60 sec
Incoming Voice CallsFREE

The aforementioned tariff expenses are a unique kind of GST. The consumer-specific plan may be examined on a monthly basis at the various operating connections. The same rules apply to all idioms and contexts. The aforementioned updated BSNL eSIM plans are applicable with immediate effect beginning on the day this round was challenged, or beginning on July 30, 2021, across all telecom circles, until further instructions.

For your fast reference, the most recent tariff modifications for BSNL eSIM plans for M2M/IoT Applications are mentioned below: –

  • BSNL upgraded its eSIM rate choices; monthly costs now start at low Rs 16/- for IoT/M2M applications.
  • IoT and M2M apps now include eSIM plans from BSNL, which also waives yearly recurring fees for private APNs.

BSNL eSIM for IoT/M2M Applications

IoT/M2M products are those that call for speech communication amongst further devices (machines) without the involvement of a person. The Internet of Things (IoT) backbone requires connectivity from telecom carrier companies in order for this conversation to take place. The future of sales for telecom carrier operators is in M2M and IoT goods, hence TRAI created a special 13-digit numbering scheme just for these products.

Here, telecom carrier vendors will provide backhaul connectivity to the M2M / IoT carrier vendors’ software servers, and actual services are being offered to their customer clients with the assistance of M2M carrier vendors. Most of the major telecom service providers (TSPs) have started to negotiate contracts with M2M and IoT service providers, who will then offer services to clients who use the connection provided by TSPs.

Dear readers, we would appreciate hearing your opinions on the BSNL eSIM plans. How many of you currently make use of the BSNL Mobile Services? Please remark on the quality of the service.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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