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For new users, BSNL introduced discounted DSL/Bharat Fiber Broadband package.

BSNL launches three new DSL/Bharat Fiber Broadband plans.

Three new DSL/Bharat broadband plans—”50GB CUL,” “120GB CUL,” and “500GB CUL”—have been introduced by BSNL, the largest fixed-line provider in India, specifically for new customers from all telecom circles.

The ’50GB CUL’ and ‘120GB CUL’ give up to 20Mbps download speed, while the ‘500GB CUL’ delivers 50Mbps download speed, according to the most recent statistics. Without any FUP or daily phone call use restrictions, all three plans provide genuine unlimited voice calls to any network. The exception being A&N Circle, all new users of all Circles are eligible for these special programs.

BSNL has released new promotional unlimited broadband plans till March 26th, 2020.

Conditions for supplying the aforementioned broadband plans:

  • The aforementioned DSL/Bharat Fiber internet options will only be offered to new users. However, existing DSL BB users can also choose the Bharat Fiber package “500GB CUL,” as can existing BSNL landline customers who do not have broadband.
  • The “50GB CUL” and “120GB CUL” above DSL plans are not compatible with FTTH.
  • Existing DSL users with the “50GB CUL” and “120GB CUL” plans must transition to standard broadband services after six months, while Bharat Fiber customers with the “500GB CUL” plan must migrate to the “600GB CUL” plan. The customer’s permission in this matter shall be obtained at the time the application is submitted.
  • Customers who did not choose a standard DSL or Bharat Fiber Broadband package when they submitted their applications should be migrated.

The aforementioned instructions will be in place on a temporary basis in all the Circles (apart from the A&N Circle) until March 26, 2020.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

According to the most recent information, BSNL and Tata Communications’ international Wi-Fi service has been halted.

As Per Latest Information BSNL offers auto validity extension at 19/- for PAN India customers.