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Prepaid international roaming was introduced by BSNL in Italy and New Zealand.

BSNL launched Prepaid International Roaming in New Zealand and Italy.

BSNL has announced the launch of an international prepaid roaming service in New Zealand and Italy for its Kerala Circle customers starting today 4th September 2020.

Through partnerships with two providers, M/s Spark, New Zealand (NZLTM) and M/s Telecom Italy (ITASI), the service is made available. Through these partner networks, BSNL’s prepaid mobile users may now take advantage of international roaming in these nations.

How to Activate BSNL’s Prepaid International Roaming ?

Customers only need to complete two steps to activate BSNL’s Prepaid International Roaming service on their current number.

Step 1. Replace SIM Card

Customers can replace their current SIM cards at the closest Customer Service Centers with BSNL Prepaid International Roaming enabled SIM cards. Customers who want a Dual IMSI SIM card with international roaming capability must provide a copy of their ID or Aadhar card.

Step 2. Recharge International Roaming STV

The feature may be activated using one of the two BSNL International Roaming STVs (STV 58 or STV 168) after receiving a new SIM card that supports international roaming. While IR STV 168 gives 90 days of validity, IR STV 58 only offers 30 days. After the expiration, a client can continue to receive international roaming service on their BSNL prepaid mobile number by recharging with any of these two IR STVs. You may activate this STV on any of the current BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plans.

As of today (April 9, 2020), BSNL has introduced Prepaid International Roaming for 71 networks across 52 nations. Additionally, BSNL offers Postpaid International Roaming for 76 networks across 195 nations.

List of prepaid international roaming destinations offered by BSNL as of 04/09/2020

To-Do List for BSNL Prepaid International Roaming

  • As soon as you get overseas, restart your phone.
  • manually look for and choose the network provider.
  • When not in use, turn off the “Mobile Data.”
  • IR STV 58 is good for 30 days and IR STV 168 is valid for 90 days.
  • Please don’t forget to redo any of these two STVs if you want the International Roaming facility to be extended.
  • For details on tariffs, see
  • Prepaid -> Tariffs and coverage -> Select the visiting nation -> ( -> (Choose operator, choose currency, and then click “OK”).
  • With the exception of incoming SMS, all international services are payable.


  • If you’re going to the USA, choose a phone that supports quadband.
  • When visiting Japan, use a phone that supports 3G.
  • For support, call, Whatsapp, or send an SMS to +919446087621 or +919447087621 (for Kerala customers) if you run into any problems when roaming abroad.
  • Additionally, customers can file a complaint via or by calling +919434024365.

Additionally, BSNL offers Data Roaming services globally. A suitable handset that can operate in the frequency bands utilized by the networks in the visiting nation is required for roaming on a foreign operator’s mobile network. Due to the high cost of data use while roaming internationally, customers are warned against doing so.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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