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BSNL has released Bonus Scheme for its Channel companions in a try and growth income sales from the cell segment.

BSNL releases Bonus Scheme to grow cell sales.

In an effort to increase revenue sales from the mobile sector, BSNL has introduced an alluring Bonus Scheme for its Channel Partners. According to recent reports, this one-time bonus scheme is available for a short time of three months beginning in August 2021. The average monthly bonus for BSNL’s SIM Selling Pos (Point of Sale) is Rs 1500, whereas franchisees and BRDs are eligible for an average monthly incentive of Rs 50,000. Between August and October 2021, the arrangement is legal.

This promotional incentive program was introduced by BSNL to boost SIM Selling PoS (inclusive of DSAs) and increase revenue from universal income. Based only on their success in SIM sales, the PSU has already divided its SIM-selling PoS and Franchisee into four separate categories: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver. For Franchisees and PoS who can raise their gift class to the next higher level, BSNL may be offering coins as incentives. For comparison purposes, Franchisee/DSA/BRD performance during the current year may be compared to SIM income performance during the same month of the previous year. For instance, their performance in August 2020 will be used as the benchmark for evaluating their total performance in August 2021.

The following was said in an official announcement from BSNL on the introduction of the Special Bonus Scheme: –

It is hereby communicated that the launch of a Bonus scheme for providing a one-time bonus to franchisees and SIM selling PoS as per the details given below has received approval from the competent authority in order to motivate channel partners to increase SIM sale and revenue during August 2021 to October 2021, i.e., for three months.

Franchisee and Point of Sale Bonus Program for BSNL from August to October 2021

  • The bonus of Rs.1,500/-, Rs.1,000/-, Rs.500/- and Rs.200/- for Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver classes of SIM promoting PoS (which includes DSAs) respectively.
  • The bonus of Rs.50,000/-, Rs.25,000/-, Rs.10,000/- and Rs.5,000/- for Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver classes of Franchisees (additionally relevant to BRD) respectively.
  • The bonus scheme may be relevant for three months and the reference will be the class withinside the equal month of the preceding yr. i.e., for August 2021 reference will be August 2020, for September 2021 reference will be September-2020 and for October-2021 reference will be October-2020.
  • In the case of channel companions withinside the Diamond class, the bonus may be 100% if the class is retained and no bonus will be relevant in case of a class downgrade.
  • In the case of channel companions withinside the Platinum class, the bonus maybe 50% if the class is retained, 100% in the event that they improve to the Diamond class and no bonus will be relevant in case of a class downgrade.
  • For all different classes, no bonus will be relevant without a class improvement.

If BSNL PoS (Retailers/DSAs) in the Diamond category are able to maintain their sales performance as compared to the equivalent month in the previous year, they are entitled for a 100% incentive. Only if BSNL PoS (Retailers/DSAs) in the Platinum category are able to move up to the Diamond category will they be eligible for the 100% incentive. They are qualified for a 50% incentive for maintaining their category. Only category upgrades for gold, silver, and bronze category PoS are eligible for the bonus program.

Bonus Program: Use of BRD, RED, OCSC, etc.

The class may be considered the very best class completed as much as the previous months for any Franchisee or PoS on-boarded following the reference month. All newly created Franchisee/PoS above the Silver class can be taken into consideration for Bonus Scheme Incentive through the rest of the situation of life inside the prior year/months if Franchisee/PoS is on-boarded at some point during the scheme length, i.e., from August 2021 to October 2021. This will keep channel partners motivated. The specified class for current franchisees may be completely used to determine the bonus scheme for BRD (BSNL RD). Red will be considered as a SIM promoting PoS in order to benefit from the Bonus Scheme. Bonus programs led to

Based on Sales Performance, BSNL PoS Categorization

According to monthly sales, BSNL classified its Point of Sale as Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, as seen in the table below. Direct Selling Agents (DSAs) and BSNL Retailers both fall under this classification.

BSNL is offering free calls, free internet, and free SMS benefits on DSA / Retailer SIM according on their class. POS who earn more than others may receive additional benefits. Diamond class customers and DSAs may take advantage of unlimited phone calls, 4GB of data per day, and 100 SMS per day for free. As a reward for their success, Platinum Category stores may furthermore enjoy unlimited calls, 3GB of data per day, and 50 SMS per day, while Gold Class stores may additionally receive unlimited calls, 2GB of data per day, and 30 SMS per day.

BSNL Trade Scheme Commission

BSNL Retailers and DSAs are also qualified for Trade Scheme Commission based on their monthly sales and SIM activations in addition to the recently announced Bonus Scheme. Retailers and DSAs will receive Trade Scheme commission as CTOP UP credit starting in the next month.

BSNL MNP Commission

BSNL Retailer / DSA is likewise eligible for a unique MNP fee for port-in connections. MNP fee can be given in addition to the FRC fee & Trade Scheme Commission. Retailers or DSAs doing MNP for BSNL gets an appealing fee for every cellular connection port-in to the BSNL network. Details for the MNP fee are given withinside the underneath table.

FRC, PV, and STV Commission under BSNL

OTF (On the Fly) commission for BSNL dealers and DSAs based on FRC/Recharge amounts is also possible. For new connections, the FRC commission is applied during the first recharge. With a plan voucher of Rs 2399, BSNL offers a maximum OTF commission of Rs 209/-. The amount of OTF commission will be credited to

How Can I Register as a BSNL Retailer or BSNL DSA?

Visit the local BSNL Franchisee Office or get in touch with the BSNL Franchisee Manager in your area to enroll as a BSNL Retailer. The following sales possibilities are accessible by signing up as a BSNL Retailer or BSNL DSA: Provide MNP (Mobile Number Portability), New BSNL Mobile Connections (Prepaid Postpaid), and other services. PORT-In connections to BSNL, recharge and top-up transactions via CTOP UP wallet, payment of post-paid bills using CBP wallet, and SIM Swap (Duplicate SIM / SIM Replacement) are all examples of fixed line products offered by Canvas.

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Please share this important information with all BSNL Retailers, DSAs, Rural Distributors, and Franchisees, dear readers. How many of you have a store where you sell SIM cards and BSNL Recharge Coupons. Is the commission structure of BSNL more appealing than that of commercial operators?

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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