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BSNL has launched an initiative to boost its Bharat Fiber (Fiber to the Home) business by offering attractive commissions to telecom infrastructure providers.

BSNL is accepting online registration for new franchisees for FTT services.

To offer telecom services across India, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has begun accepting online registrations from new corporate partners or affiliates. With this project, BSNL hopes to expand its involvement in Bharat Fiber (Fiber) across the nation.

According to the most recent reports, BSNL has begun entering into contracts with new business partners and telecom infrastructure providers who will be able to offer telecom services in existing and future residential and commercial complexes as well as in all other regions of rural and urban areas on a revenue-sharing basis. BSNL would give telecom infrastructure suppliers with an alluring incentive of up to 50% of the income produced.

Who may apply to become a channel partner or franchisee of BSNL?

Builders, resident welfare associations (RWAs), telecom infrastructure providers, franchisees, system integrators, DID franchisees of BSNL, any registered company or society, local cable TV operators, telecom service providers, BSNL Retailers, direct selling agents, start-ups or local business owners are among the groups to which BSNL is offering a special opportunity.

Where to Apply?

Online Application: BSNL Channel Partner / Franchisee Registration

Offline Application: Interested parties can apply in person by getting in touch with their local BSNL Business Area Office to sign the contract and join BSNL as a Bharat Fiber business partner.

Roles & Responsibilities of Franchisee / Channel Partner

The BSNL network and its users are built, expanded, and maintained by the channel partners, who also look into the possibility of expanding the BSNL customer base by extending last-mile connectivity during the provision of BSNL services by the potential partners and expanding BSNL’s telecom footprint throughout India.

What is it in for the Franchisee?

There are several benefits to working with BSNL, including a lucrative revenue sharing scheme with commissions of up to 50% of income collected, a well-known brand, and services that are available all throughout the nation. For BSNL certified channel partners and franchisees, additional top attractions and benefits include:


  • Service presence throughout India
  • might choose a franchisee provider at the local or state level.


  • Multiple Product Range
  • Product Packaging and pricing
  • Product Bundling


  • Attractive Commission Percentage
  • Activity Based Commission
  • Product Based Commission


  • Realtime Revenue Share
  • Wallet Based Payments
  • App Based Payments

Web App

  • Dedicated IT tools
  • State of the art IT Infra
  • Franchisee Management System
  • Sanchar Aadhar

Mobile App

  • Teevra App
  • EPAY App
  • Sanchar Aadhar App

Franchisee Manager

  • Dedicated Franchisee Manager
  • Circle & Business Area Level Support Teams
  • Marketing and Sales Support

Support Systems

  • 24×7 support
  • Web Based Helpdesk
  • Email & Mobile Alert

BSNL Franchisee Facilitation Centre (FFC)

The BSNL Franchisee Facilitation Center was already established in Bangalore to offer all technical assistance to BSNL Franchisees and node in charge for enhancing Bharat Fiber operations throughout the nation. This center was specifically developed to help Franchisees launch their commercial collaboration with BSNL. The latest firmware updates for OLTs and ONTs from third parties are also available on the BSNL FFC website. Additionally, franchisees may obtain the technical contact information of independent OLT & ONT providers such as Syrotech, Netlink, DBC, etc.

Contact details of BSNL Franchisee Facilitation Centre

Toll Free Number: 1800 599 0088
Email Id:

The services over Bharat Fiber (FTTH)

  • Basic internet access service up to 1Gbps, managed and uncontrolled.
  • MPEG2 TV over IP Service.
  • Plays like a VCR is Video on Demand (VoD) (MPEG4)
  • Service for streaming audio
  • Service for streaming audio
  • Bandwidth on Demand (customizable by the user or the provider)
  • Remote Learning
  • Virtual classroom, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint video conferencing
  • IP-based voice and video telephony: connection managed by centrally placed soft switches
  • Engaging Video Games
  • broadband VPN
  • Telephone VPN Service
  • (VPLS) Virtual Private LAN Service

As we previously mentioned, BSNL officially debuted its much anticipated IPTV Services in Kerala. Free To Air (FTA) channel subscribers may take advantage of a free trial period of one month. Additionally, BSNL provides IPTV pay channel packages beginning at Rs 100. The service is now being offered in a few regions, but it will soon be available throughout all of India.

The following is a list of Third Party OLTs that can be integrated with the BSNL Network, based on data as of 03-09-2020: –

  • M/s Netlink
  • M/s Alphion
  • M/s Khwahish
  • M/s DBC
  • M/s Optilink
  • M/s Syrotech
  • M/s Uniway
  • M/s Genexis
  • M/s Optronix
  • M/s Sharpvision
  • M/s STEL fiber electronics India pvt LTD
  • M/s Catvision
  • M/s Technext
  • M/s Tara
  • M/s Revo
  • M/s Fibresol
  • M/s Metro
  • M/s Digisol
  • M/s Electro line
  • M/s Fibre gate
  • M/s Inotech
  • M/s Nepstech
  • M/s Opterna
  • M/s Huawei
  • M/s Zyxel

Different Business Models for TIPs

After entering into a revenue-sharing arrangement with BSNL, BSNL TIPs/LCOs can integrate OLTs from the aforementioned list into the BSNL network. With revenue sharing percentages ranging from 10% to 50%, the PSU has various TIP Business models (TIP Business Model I, TIP Business Model II, TIP Business Model III, TIP Business Model IV, and TIP Business Model V).

BSNL TIP Business Model IV

The most often used business model allows a franchisee or TIP to get a maximum revenue share of 50%. The Telecom Infrastructure Provider must set up, administer, and maintain his own OLT and OFC network under this business model. In this approach, TIP is in charge of providing client end ONTs, as well as wiring and maintenance. To link his OLT to the nearest BSNL PoP (Point of Presence), TIP must offer back-haul OFC connectivity. BSNL will handle billing and customer onboarding.

Dear readers, we would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this new BSNL project in the comments section. Recent agreements for revenue sharing for the delivery of FTTH services between various local cable providers and BSNL have already been established. How many of you have a cable TV operator connection to BSNL FTTH?

What do you think?

Written by Shallu Srivastav

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