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BSNL has introduced the release of a brand-new modern facility – ‘Chiller Balance Transfer’ – for its prepaid cell clients where in clients get complete speak cost from ₹1 to ₹9.

Chiller Balance Transfer

For its prepaid mobile phone customers, BSNL has announced the debut of a brand-new, cutting-edge feature called “Chiller Balance Transfer,” which allows customers to receive full talk time from $1 to $9. According to current information, this service will be available in the BSNL Kerala Telecom Circle as of April 9th, 2021.

Chiller Balance Transfer is extraordinarily beneficial in conditions wherein clients recharge with ordinary recharge denominations (recharge denominations now no longer withinside the multiples of ₹10). In such cases, retailers, in addition to clients, are going through non-availability of change (chiller) and in the end, clients are pressured to buy a few grocery gadgets like – toffee, chocolate, etc. equal to the change (chiller) value. Now, BSNL has launched a ‘Chiller Balance Transfer’ facility to transform this non-telecom product trade to the gain of BSNL.

What is Chiller Balance Transfer Facility?

In the Chiller Balance Transfer facility, BSNL might be imparting a complete speak fee from ₹1 to ₹nine which may be utilized by BSNL stores to present change (chiller) to BSNL pay-as-you-go cellular clients after recharging their numbers with denominations now no longer withinside the multiples of ₹10. This complete speak fee quantity might be credited to the primary account of the BSNL pay-as-you-go cellular customer.

How does it work?

Example: Say a BSNL pay-as-you-go cell client has performed a recharge for Rs 56/- on his number. Now the retailer/channel accomplice has to provide the stability quantity ₹four as change (chiller) to the client. Using the BSNL Chiller Balance Transfer facility, this quantity i.e., ₹four may be credited as a balanced quantity with a complete speak fee withinside the client’s fundamental account.

Important Points about BSNL Chiller Balance Transfer Facility

  • The source number (Retailer CTOPUP number) and destination number (customer mobile number) cannot be changed during chiller balance transfer.
  • Chiller Balance Transfer will have the denomination of ₹1 to ₹9 with Full Talk Value.
  • Chiller Balance Transfer facility is applicable to all denomination of Plan Voucher/STV/Top Ups above ₹30/-. (Ex: – If somebody makes ₹31 transaction, he is eligible for chiller balance transaction of ₹9 whereas other chiller balance transactions are not allowed. (i.e., ₹1 to ₹8 chiller balance transactions are not allowed for that particular transaction).
  • Time Window for Chiller Balance Transfer is within 2 minutes i.e., Franchisee / Point of Sale / Retailer has to initiate the Chiller Balance Transfer within 2 minutes of the CTOPUP recharge.
  • Chiller Balance Transfer is not allowed if the main recharge denomination is below ₹30. (Ex:- If somebody makes recharge of ₹23, chiller recharge will not be successful of any denomination on this number.
  • The Chiller Balance Transfer can be made through SIM Toll Kit (STK) and BSNL CTOPUP App.

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Written by Shallu Srivastav

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